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Ahead of Cassette Store Day 2018, Discogs announce their inaugural Cassette Week

By News

In case you hadn’t already heard, the cassette resurgence has arrived! We’ve already seen it happen with vinyl, but now it’s the cassette’s time in the sun.

For the past number of year, cassettes have seen a steady rise in sales, with a growth of 35.19% thus far in 2018. So our friends at Discogs have announced their inaugural Cassette Week; an entire week dedicated to these wonderful little tapes.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cassette resurgence has arrived! And to celebrate, Discogs have announced their inaugural Cassette Week.

Throughout Cassette Week (the week leading up to Cassette Store Day, October 8-13), Discogs will take an in-depth look at cassette culture through people like Sean Bohrman (Burger Records), Zak Taylor (Director of Cassette), and Ben Blackwell (Third Man Records).

All of this culminate with Cassette Store Day; a day where punters are encouraged to go support their local cassette dealer… and heaps of artists release special, limited-edition cassettes that are available for that day only. Don’t miss out.

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September 26, 2018