Dive into San Tropez Bay’s groove-laden new EP Then The Moss

Brisbane-based outfit San Tropez Bay have unveiled their new EP Then The Moss, the follow-up EP to First, The Rain. Independently released, these back-to-back pieces showcase their eclectic, home-grown sound.

San Tropez Bay

On their new EP Then The Moss, Brisbane-based four-piece San Tropez Bay expand their sonic vision into something truly irresistible.

After the grungy, lo-fi punk intensity of First The Rain, Then The Moss is a breath of cool air; their raw punk sound settles into a more laid-back groove with irresistible notes of soul and jazz. The second EP leans more heavily into pop and funk, as the group explore the duality of their sound across the two EPs. The companion pieces are an exploration of life’s storms: the periods of intense rainfall and the calm that settles after, a space where moss can grow.

Recorded in their rehearsal space, affectionately known as the ‘Track Shack’, the EP’s production has a careful home-grown feel. The three-track collection showcases the new smooth vocals of lead singer Sofia Giacoboni over Dec Henninger on guitar, Liam Kenvyn on bass and Oscar McCabe on drums.

Strawberries and Cream introduces both the EP and the overall shift in mood from the group. Featuring funky vocals and a groovy, dance-driven baseline, the song opens the EP on a refreshing note. Keep It Alight keeps the vibe going with upbeat rhythms and syncopated patterns throughout. The final track, On my Mind, slows it all back down to a more contemplative tone, as Henninger’s melodic guitar solos wrap it up in a soulful finishing piece.

The unique punk-chill energy of San Tropez Bay can still be felt in this EP, however Then The Moss is a testament to the sonic exploration and progression of the band. Give it a listen below: