DJ Khaled and his family have recovered from COVID-19

DJ Khaled says he and his family are recovering from COVID-19, reminds all to “stay safe” and “take care of yourself”.

All I do is win, says DJ Khaled. But we are reminded again that the best of us are no less vulnerable to COVID-19.

On Thursday, DJ Khaled announced via Instagram that he and his family have recovered from the disease. “My family and I recovered from COVID and we’re all good now!!” he said.

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God is the greatest! God love us and we love God! Thank you everyone! We the best.

The post showed photos and videos of the producer’s family.

His wife Nicole Tuck smiles in an embrace with her husband.

Sons Asahd, 4, and Aalam, 18 months, also feature in the post, who according to Khaled, are rising stars of the music industry as they helped him create his latest album.

Speaking with ET, Khaled explained:

Asahd and Aalam executive produced the album, both of them, they pick the colors, they approve the covers, they help me with the music and Asahd is four and half now so it’s like he is really dialed in, you know what I am saying?

I am not making this up, our kids are geniuses, man. My kids, all of our kids, you know what I am saying?

Khaled released an album back in April, Khaled Khaled, featuring heavyweights such as Drake, Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion and Justin Bieber.

The album reached number 1 on the US Billboard 200 charts, and in Australia number 7 on the Aria charts.

Despite surviving being lost out to sea on a jet ski, and the wrath of the internet when he admitted he doesn’t do oral sex, it’s still devastating that Khaled was COVID-19 – if not kinda on-brand.

So even if all you do is win, don’t trust your luck, stay safe.


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