Dolly recalls the first time she heard Whitney Houston’s cover of ‘I will always love you’

Recorded for the ‘Bodyguard’ soundtrack, Dolly herself had no idea it was even in the works until she heard it for the first time on her car radio.

In a recent chat with Kelly Clarkson, Dolly shared some insights into the story of how one of the iconic cover song came to be.

“There is a little story about that, when they were doing ‘The Bodyguard’ movie, they had chosen another song for the main song, and someone came out with that very song, right when they were about to put the movie out. It was drastic, and they were really trying to find a great song. And Kevin Costner said to his secretary “do you remember Dolly Parton’s song ‘I Will Always Love You’ it’s a country song, but it’s a beautiful song”,  so they called me to see if they could use it, and I said yes, and then I didn’t hear anything else about it.”

Dolly went on to share that she was driving in her car, listening to the radio, when she heard the first note, which she likened to hearing a dog whistle, her ears pricked up, and she felt immediately overwhelmed, so much so she had to pull over to the side of the road. “I just freaked out. I had to pull over to the side (of the road, because) I honestly thought I was gonna wreck.”

Check out the interview, and the stunning ‘9 to 5’ duet with Kelly Clarkson. Dolly’s effortless performance, makes it easy to see why the Queen of Country status is firmly intact and isn’t probably going anywhere anytime soon. 

Known for her incredible country lilt, and her generous charity work, Dolly Parton’s heart is as big as her collection of enduring hits. Check out Dolly’s Ultimate tracks here.