Get off your face on Donald Trump’s face with these brand new, bright orange pingas

It’s sad, but it’s true. Donald Trump is now the new face of disco biscuits in Amsterdam and the US.

The bright orange party drug was apparently shipped over to America, reportedly containing 220mg of MDMA which has been deemed as extremely dangerous and highly potent. A drug, but also because something with Donald Trump’s face on it should never be trusted.

donald trump

The dangerously potent Donald Trump-shaped pills come in pink and orange and are being sold on the UK streets as well as an online black market.

Originating in Amsterdam, his face (which always looks as though it’s covered in fake tan) was moulded and printed onto an ecstasy tablet which, ironically, was not far off in terms of colour palette. 

According to The Daily Mail, the pills have been raking in big money at eight pounds each, three for 21 pounds or cheaper in bulk. Looks like the president of the US is more than just a pretty face, he’ll also get you off your face.

donald trump

Via Your EDM.