Will Donald Trump pardon himself? And Joe Exotic?

Donald Trump has retweeted a video claiming the president should pardon himself, as well as Joe Exotic, following the pardoning of Michael Flynn.

If you thought that this absolute saga of an election could get any weirder, Donald Trump has hinted that he may in fact pardon himself, as well as Joe Exotic, who is incarcerated for a certain attempted murder-for-hire plot of one Carol Baskin.

The outgoing POTUS ignored questions from the press at a recent public appearance concerning whether he would formally pardon himself, after he officially pardoned a plump turkey named Corn, a tradition that dates back to Abraham Lincoln. After sparing the bird from thanksgiving dinner, Trump said: “Thanksgiving is a very special day for turkeys, Probably not a very good one, actually… Oh look at that beautiful, beautiful bird. That is a lucky bird”. Right.

Trump Turkey

Matt Gaetz, a staunch republican, tweeted a video from Fox News where he made the case that the president should totally pardon himself, as well as convicted felon Joe Exotic.

“President Trump should pardon Michael Flynn, he should pardon the Thanksgiving turkey, he should pardon everyone from himself, to his administration officials, to Joe Exotic if he has to,” Gaetz described to Fox News.

“Because you see from the radical left a bloodlust that will only be quenched if they come after the people who worked so hard to animate the Trump administration.”

Donald Trump retweeted the video only hours after he pardoned his disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who “willfully and knowingly” made false statements to the FBI about his connection to a Russian official.

This also comes after a @RealDonaldTrump tweet dating back to 2018, where he said: “I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong?”

Donald Trump has been asked before if he would grant Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage (aka Joe Exotic) a pardon from his crimes after his son Donald Trump Jr. jokingly announced he would advocate for a pardon. Trump Sr. responded: “I’ll take a look.”

The president is expected to hand out a slew of pardons before Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, which, if Trump is to be convicted of any crimes throughout his presidency, we could see him grant himself an official pardon. This could be highly likely considering commentators speculated his 2018 tweet may be an expression of guilt.

Whether Joe Exotic makes the cut is yet to be seen, Carol Baskin has said in an interview on Channel 7’s The Morning Show: “I can’t believe that, that would be a good move for anybodies political career… Given the fact that he was convicted for two counts of murder-for-hire.”

Stay tuned all you cool cats and kittens, things are going to remain wild for these next two months.