What the duck! A duck ran the New York Marathon

This week at the New York Marathon, tens of thousands of runners from around the world tore up the streets, all alongside one little feathered friend.

Wrinkle the duck or ‘Wrinkle the Travelling Duck’ as she is known on TikTok, was seen waddling her way through a stretch of the marathon on Sunday.

A video on Wrinkle running the race circulated this week and has received more than 3.4 million views.

Wrinkle the duck. Credit @seducktiv on Instagram

The video shows the waterfowl making great time and sporting some fabulous footwear as other marathon runners are joyously distracted by her captivating presence.

Much like on red carpet interviews at the Met Gala, everyone is wondering… who is she wearing!?

As it turns out, the custom made webbed sneakers were created by the duck’s mum and dad and it’s to nobody’s surprise that all the big brands are scrambling to include the design in their newest collections.

In response to the original TikTok post, Adidas commented,

“Sending this to our design team to petition for a new duck shoe collection”.

Despite working full-time as an emotional support duck, the TikTok sensation has over 600k followers and leads a busy lifestyle, often seen online jumping into piles of fallen leaves, drinking out of fire hydrants and of course training for the marathon.

It’s no wonder that she only ran a small portion of the 42km race before she had to duck out. Regardless of her place in the marathon, it’s inspiring to see that Wrinkle may end up with sponsorship from one of the leading sportswear companies.

Wrinkle’s critics have brought up the fact that the sweet hen was not actually registered to participate in the marathon and hadn’t paid her entry fee however, it’s all just water off the duck’s back (sorry for all the puns). Due to this, Wrinkle’s time was not recorded which was most likely a relief to her competitors.

The New York Marathon is the largest marathon in the world and saw over 30,000 runners participate on Sunday. The event had been cancelled in 2020 due to COVID so it was with great excitement that it was able to go ahead for the 50th anniversary this year.