Dutch coffeeshops are the latest victims in coronavirus crisis

Whilst Australians hoard toilet paper, the Dutch have got their priorities in check and are stocking up on weed.

Due to new government emergency measures regarding coronavirus, Dutch nationals and tourists were left with just half an hour to secure some weed before the coffee shops business went up in smoke and they closed their doors for what could be a three week lockdown.

Crowds have left coffeeshops empty handed as they close their doors due to government emergency measures against coronavirus.

It was announced at 5.30pm on Sunday that Dutch coffee shops, along with bars and restaurants, would be closing their doors at 6.00pm leaving just half an hour for the Dutch nationals to stockpile some green in preparation for their isolation.

It’s no surprise that with the hysteria and panic due to the global pandemic, this created a major shift in mood. The normally chilled out atmosphere was replaced with a “weird vibe” in the streets of The Netherlands. Dozens ran to their closest coffee shop but most were turned away as they could not cater to all the stoners who’d come down to score their weed supplies ahead of social distancing restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

But, there is now a green light at the end of the tunnel. According to the NOS, just days after the hazy restrictions were implemented the Dutch government decided that restaurants and coffee shops alike would be allowed to provide customers with takeaway food and drinks, but they will only be allowed to pick up weed and hash from certain collection points. Once more will the weed-smokers of The Netherlands be able to chill out with a spliff after a long hard day of worrying about coronavirus.

Given the short notice leaving many unable to stock up, this is obviously a huge relief, and at a time of stress and worry it’s no wonder people fancy a spliff to lighten the mood. One resident of Amsterdam encapsulates the overwhelming sense of angst perfectly – “It’s obviously a stressful time and people should be able to have a joint to relax in a country where its legal”.