Each member of Coumarin runs us through their favourite album

If you haven’t already listened to Make It Right, the new single from Stuttgart-based band Coumarin, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now. The track is a dynamic and emotive slice of guitar-pop that we guarantee you’ll quickly get hooked on.

So, fresh off the new single’s release, we caught up with each member of the band for a run-down of their favourite records. Take it away, Coumarin…

With an incredible new single fresh under their belts, we caught up with Stuttgart-based band Coumarin for a run-down of their favourite records.

André: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

I discovered The Suburbs when I was 18, confused about life and still looking for my place in the world and what the future might hold. Words will never be able to describe what it felt like for me to find this album.

It took around five listens for me to realise that this was – by far – the best music I had ever heard. At the same time I was overcome by this wall of melancholy because this album connected with me on such a deep and emotional level surrounding memories of my childhood and youth but also my dreams like no other music had to this point and has since. For the first time it felt like these songs somehow understood me and seemed like they had been written just for me.

That summer in 2011 was also the time when I made my first attempts at writing music and started to get seriously interested in the craft of filmmaking. So while The Suburbs connects with me on a deeply personal level of looking back at the past it has simultaneously been always with me since and will always be a part of me – and I am endlessly grateful for it.

Pascal: TORA – Take A Rest

The summer of 2017 marked my first year in Stuttgart and I remember driving home one night listening to the local university’s radio station. That was the first time I heard TORA and I was instantly mesmerised by their captivating, production-driven music. At home I couldn’t resist buying their record Take A Rest and it has since become my personal favorite album.

The dynamic electronic arrangements, creative use of sampling and the use of unique production elements converge into an unparalelled piece of modern electronic music. But apart from me just loving the album to pieces, it also happened to be released around the same time that I started playing in a band which would later become Coumarin; that’s why this album will always remind me of this special time in my life.

Maksim: Misery Signals – Mirrors

Before I started drumming, I was a guitarist and played and wrote a lot of metal music. During this time I discovered the band Misery Signals – and fell in love immediately. The album Mirrors formed and inspired me on many levels. I love the very deep lyrics and songwriting of the band. Also Branden Morgan, the drummer of the band, impressed me and is still one of my greatest inspirations today!

Yuki: South Penguin – Y

The xx, South Penguin, mitsume and Chinese Football, stood out in my mind. It’s a tough call, but Y (South Penguin) is my personal favorite. It’s unique, whimsical and witty. It reminds me of summer starry night, winter sunshine and humid breeze with slight fragrant.

Akatsuka (South Penguin) gave his demo disc to me in a traditional Japanese izakaya. We talked about life, good music, favorite dishes, dreams and future. I was listening to it every night, thinking about where should I go. (Afterwards I joined Coumarin.)

I love the album as it gives me freedom from fear and disturbance, as it’s emotional, positive, and full of dream vibes. It’s telling me all the time: seize the moment, be yourself.

Watch the new lyric video for Make It Right below:

And listen to the track on Spotify here.