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Attention caffeine addicts: there’s finally an eco-friendly version of coffee pods

Are you a coffee aficionado who’s conscious of your environmental footprint? There’s an easy solution for your home barista needs.

Some things in life are inevitable. A quick check of Facebook turning into an endless scroll. Being nervous about meeting your partner’s parents. The weekend going too fast. And of course, making a coffee to start the day running.

Eco-conscious parents Kayla and Piers Mossuto noticed that an alarming amount of coffee making is wasteful, expensive, and outdated. We came across their brand Crema Joe and thought it was worth a shoutout – here’s how they’ve been revolutionising the coffee industry right here in Australia.


Crema Joe is responsible for taking 100% recycled plastic bottle tops and making them useable in your pod machine at home. It’s here to combat the devastating amount of coffee-produced landfill by the pods Nespresso and their competitors are creating.

Kayla and Piers discovered that “caps firmly fixed to bottles tossed into their recycling bin are too small for industrial facilities and eventually end up as waste”. Not wanting to contribute to the 130,000 tonnes of discarded plastic every year, they’ve taken wasted bottle caps and transformed them into handy, refillable coffee pods.

Crema Joe isn’t semi-recycled, it’s 100% recycled. And honest, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Since their inception, the team have collected over 300,000 plastic bottle caps, ready to turn into useful products. Yes, that’s 300,000 plastic bottle-tops that have now avoided waterways, helping rescue marine life and our planet.

“After three years of researching, tinkering, and development, we’ve crafted something quite revolutionary – a product that completely closes the loop”, Kayla explained. They call their innovation the Perfect Press and best believe it’s getting scooped up by home baristas all over, looking to save time and save the planet.

Interested in grabbing some for yourself? We’ve got you a sneaky discount for your coffee needs. You can grab your Perfect Press (along with eco-friendly coffee pods for Nespresso, Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly, Vertuo, and Lavassa) right here at Crema Joe.

Use the promo code PRESS10 for a tasty 10% discount on your order. Happy sipping, fellow caffeine addicts!