EHX launch the long-awaited Ram's Head Big Muff Pi reissue
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EHX launch the long-awaited Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi reissue

EHX has recently announced the release of the compact reissue of their 1973 Violet Ram’s Head Big Muff. The original Ram’s Head Big Muff is one of the most elusive member of this prestigious family of fuzz.

The Ram Head’s famous high-end cut through can be heard on David Gilmour’s guitar in Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb and a host of other guitar-centric hits from the ’70s. big muff rams head

EHX’s Ram’s Head reissue is bringing back a fabled fuzz icon. This Big Muff still delivers the same sweet tone of the original in a compact, affordable unit.

Features include a simple three-knob setup with Volume, Tone and Sustain. The Ram’s Head Reissue offers up a slightly more restrained sound than the original with a focus on mid-range presence and clear string separation.

The reissue also boasts a modern ‘nano-sized’ enclosure, as opposed to the originals massive ‘70s style chassis. This compromise on size and not tone means the new Ram’s Head fits the real estate needs of any guitarist’s board without sacrificing the Big Muff sound.

Before this reissue, if you were looking to get your hands on an original you would expect to pay around $600-$700. EHX’s founder Mike Matthews realised this issue and thus worked to design a version of the pedal that could suit anyone’s budget. Check out EHX’s video demo below:

For pricing and more info visit the EHX website.