Ella Belfanti stitches a guitar-driven ode to heartbreak on ‘Hold You In’

On her latest single/video, Ella Belfanti unleashes a symphony from the six strings of her guitar. Rich, detailed, and utterly irresistible, Hold You In is a track that will have you pressing rewind.

There are very few songs you hear in your life that have you hooked from the moment they start. We aren’t just talking about addictive melodies that drive us to keep listening, these are the tracks that you physically can’t turn away from. Whether it is attributed to new developments of genre, unexplored stylings, or technical genius, a truly irresistible song is one that does the unexpected. Enter Ella Belfanti, the Brisbane-based singer/songwriter who is crafting acoustic melodies with the momentum of Muybridge, the sensory expression of Picasso, and the detail of Da Vinci.

To Belfanti, the guitar isn’t just an instrument, it is a rich tapestry of experience that can stretch nuance as far as the eye can see. It comes as no surprise that her latest single Hold You In is able to cast a symphony of majesty from the six strings and body of her guitar.

ella belfanti

As well as being a formidable instrumentalist, Belfanti holds a command of melody and lyricism well beyond her years. Hold You In is a track glazed in intricacy, with the ability to capture fleeting and infinite moments in subtle poetry. The first release from the 21-year-old artist since her debut EP Going In Circles, the single brings texture and colour into the acoustic wheelhouse, melting a deeply personal narrative into a sparkling sojourn.

Slowly sweeping in with sparkles of guitar, the artist unfurls her track like tides on a beach. Strummed chords act as the crashing waves, casting us out into the sea of her lyricism; interluding single notes glisten like sun on the water, almost evoking the nostalgia that creeps in when trying to let go from a relationship; and the cadence of her percussive strokes provides the earthiness of the sand underneath. Although subtle in their imagery, each of these segments combine together into a captivating ode to heartbreak and moving forward.


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“I wrote ‘Hold You In’ after my first ever relationship came to an end,” Belfanti explains about the track. “It’s about knowing that you need to let something go, but wanting to hold onto it despite knowing it’s not right for you. When this relationship started, I felt like I’d been longing to experience that kind of deep connection with someone for a long time.”

“But this relationship developed unexpectedly and, because it was my first one, it was particularly exciting. When it eventually became clear we weren’t right for each other, I went through a sort of grieving over what could have been. I wanted to hold onto what we had, to hold him in, even though I knew I was fighting a losing battle by hanging on. We both knew we had to let it go, but it was still difficult.”

A perfect blend of melody and rhythm, Hold You In feels more like a force of nature than an acoustic tune. It’s safe to say that we’re all restless to see what else the songwriter has in store.

Check out Hold You In below: