Embankments – Little Fortress

Embankments are a two piece project based in Sydney with an ear to the ground when it comes to making timeless pop music. The two began making music when Henry Eastham flew in from London and crashed on Jake Stone’s couch. You might recognise the latter character as one of the frontmen from Bluejuice – I didn’t put the pieces together because I’ve never seen a photo of Jake Stone – or any member of Bluejuice for that matter – wearing regular clothes.

Until recently, it seemed that the duo might have been lost in the mists of time – having released two very british sounding singles, Not My Line and Edit/Undo 10 months ago with no word on their socials for that whole time. 10 months is a long time in the industry, especially when today’s music fans are overloaded with a million bands a day to listen to – it now takes 10 hours for a band to go through the entire cycle of discovery/being your favourite band/buying the t-shirt/forgetting about them.

embankments band

A band almost lost in the depths of obscurity, Embankments have recently thrown a new track up, and it’s sixties vibes are giving us time travel shivers.

A couple of days ago however, a new Embankments track titled Little Fortress surfaced on the group’s Soundcloud, and it continues with the Orange Amplifier, George Harrison, British Invasion vibe. It’s impressively layered, hand claps, backing vocals and tambourines abound deeper in the mix, with a really sweet sounding organ tone flourishing out the melodies. The result is a fleshed out, thick sounding track. Oh, and that lead guitar tone. Jeeeeeesus that is sweet. I’ve never thought much of that tight spring reverb sound, but by golly I think they’ve struck gold with this one. It’s the kind of tone you’d find as the hero of some b-grade 1960’s spy film goes back in time to kill Hitler or something. In totally unrelated news, a second season of Danger 5 should be airing sometime this year on SBS.

No news on whether these guys will be playing any shows, but I reckon they’d sound pretty awesome transposed to a live setting – if they can get about six other people to play all the instruments. Hey, what are Bluejuice up to these days?



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