Emma Louise – Vs Head Vs Heart

A quick editorial note before we get into Halina’s post:  What we noticed more than anything about Emma was the quality and attention to detail in everything that she presents the world. Beautiful songs sure, but she’s made great decisions along the way too. Working with Matt Redlich (Hungry Kids, Ball Park Music etc) was most certainly one of them. She also seems to have the ability to pull in a great team and there’s a lot young artist can learn from this. The artwork and imagery she offers up are exceptional and only enhance the topic at hand. We’re sure she’ll continue on this path but here’s hoping it stays local.

It’s not easy to be staunchly interdependent, create original music that actually resonate with an audience and gain attention from industry and fans the world over that are not expecting something new. However Brisbane singer Emma Louise, has done exactly this and in the process has become an indie music sensation. It can be quite daunting for any new artist to step into the spotlight and take a chance. Emma takes it in her stride and does with exceptional style. Where do you shop?

At the age of 21, Emma has taken fearless steps to be rewarded with a kick start in her career, releasing her debut full length album Vs Head Vs Heart. Her hard work and dedication has paid off and Vs Head Vs Heart showcases a collection of tunes that will continue to reel in new fans (yes, me included) and most certainly inspire future musicians. After her traveling experiences through New York, familiarising herself with its music scene, Emma became determined to do things differently, create original harmonies, and challenge herself with her music.

 Emma Louise

Emma Louise puts her head and heart on the front line as she creates romantically sweet lullabies to soothe her healing soul.

As most artists there is always a starting point and lucky for Emma hers was only short live. She appeared in the Queensland Music awards, shortly after her days of being 16 and sitting at home writing songs. This changed Emma’s life and before she knew it she was getting involved with Brisbane’s music community and releasing her EP ‘Full Hearts and Empty Rooms’.  This was released in 2011, and after placing 23rd in Triple J’s hottest 100 with her hit song ‘Jungle’, Emma sold over 35,000 copies of her EP and gained an award at the 2011 national independent Music Awards.

After the release of her debut album, Emma became the hot topic within the industry landing the opportunity to be signed with both Frenchkiss Records and Universal Germany. more opportunities presented themselves such as playing along side Bob Evans, Gurrumul and Missy Higgans.

Emma Louise is an enthusiastic, determined and industrious individual who has stopped at nothing to express her music and talent to the world. With her breakout hit ‘Jungle’ Emma has been able to apprehend some pretty extraordinary opportunities that seem to be further developing.

This year, 2013, is set to bring on new adventures. The release of her album and upcoming tours around the world are just the beginning. From all the roads walked on and journeys traveled  Emma is bound to take a different path and set a new horizon, and when she does there will be many fans waiting to hear her new offering.