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Harmonize Your Sleep Journey: Score Big Savings with Emma Sleep’s EOFY Sale!

At HappyMag, we firmly believe that sleep, with the guiding hand of Emma Sleep, is the ultimate backstage pass to unlocking your musical genius.

Get ready to embrace the rockstar within and conquer the world with your creative brilliance by sleeping like a legend on the perfect mattress, because Emma Sleep understands the importance of a good night’s rest.

And with their unbeatable End of Financial Year (EOFY) sale, you have the chance to sleep easy while seizing incredible savings. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to upgrade your sleep experience and unleash your true potential.

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Introducing the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress – a world-class mattress designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support. This mattress is a game-changer, specifically engineered to address back pain and temperature regulation. With its adaptive comfort foam and pocket spring construction, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress molds perfectly to your body, ensuring a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

But let’s talk about the deals because they’re too good to pass up! During the Pre-EOFY promotional period from June 16th to 19th, you can enjoy up to 55% off on selected mattresses. Imagine sleeping on the luxurious Emma Comfort Premium, now available at an incredible 50% discount. And for those seeking the ultimate sleep experience, the Emma Diamond Premium is a steal with a whopping 55% off.

But wait, there’s more! With the purchase of the Emma Comfort, Diamond Hybrid, or mattress bundles, you’ll receive a FREE Mattress Topper worth $329, adding an extra layer of blissful comfort to your sleep haven. And if you opt for the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress or any Build Your Own Bedroom bundles, you’ll receive not just one, but two Cloud Hybrid Pillows worth $598 for free!

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But the excitement doesn’t end there. Once we step into the EOFY proper, from June 20th to July 3rd, brace yourself for an even bigger price drop! You can enjoy a massive 55% discount on the award-winning Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress. And that’s not all – with special EOFY bundles, you can save over $5,000! It’s an opportunity you simply can’t afford to miss.

Why choose the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress? Well, let us tell you why it’s a winner in its own right. Voted as the Product of the Year 2023 in a survey of 5,000 people by NielsenIQ, this mattress is truly exceptional. It has also been honored with the 2022 Good Design Award for Design Excellence, a testament to its innovative and elegant design. With the Emma Diamond Degree® patented technology, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights spent tossing and turning.

One of the standout features of the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is its ability to regulate temperature effectively. The high-density foam layer infused with graphite dust ensures that you never sleep hot, allowing you to maintain an optimal sleeping temperature throughout the night. No more waking up in a sweat – just blissful, cool sleep.

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Back pain? Not a problem with the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress. It offers seven-zone dynamic support, precisely targeting each layer to alleviate back pain and provide exceptional spinal alignment. Wake up refreshed and pain-free, ready to conquer the day.

With a 100-night risk-free trial, you can experience the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress for yourself. We’re confident that once you try it, you’ll fall in love with it. Plus, we offer free delivery and free returns, ensuring a hassle-free purchasing experience.

Each Emma mattress is the result of extensive research and development by our team of sleep experts and researchers. We leverage top German engineering and our team’s expertise in neuroscience to provide you with the best sleep experience possible. When you choose Emma Sleep, you’re choosing quality and innovation.

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Let’s dive into the must-have features of the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress that’ll make you swoon. The premium cover is like a breathable, washable superhero cape, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. With its Diamond Degree® graphite foam, infused with real diamonds and graphite particles, say goodbye to overheating and hello to extended deep sleep sessions. Plus, its low rolling-resistance ensures your restless night moves won’t disturb your partner’s groove.

But wait, there’s more! The adaptive comfort foam layer is like a magical shape-shifter, hugging your body and relieving pressure, no matter your size or sleep style. And the pocket spring system? It’s like having a personal support squad, adjusting to your every move and keeping you cool and breezy, thanks to its superior breathability.

And let’s not forget the supportive base foam layer made with HRX foam – it’s durable, flexible, and molds to your curves like a loyal fan. Every inch of the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is designed to give you a sleep experience that’s in a league of its own.

Now, brace yourself for the jaw-dropping savings you can snag during the EOFY sale. With discounts of up to 55%, you’d be crazy not to jump on this bandwagon. Get ready to rock these unbeatable prices:

  • Single: Originally priced at $2,499, now available for just $1,124.55.
  • King Single: Originally priced at $2,779, now available for just $1,250.55.
  • Double: Originally priced at $3,059, now available for just $1,376.55.
  • Queen: Originally priced at $3,329, now available for just $1,498.05.
  • King: Originally priced at $3,749, now available for just $1,687.05.

 These incredible discounts make upgrading to the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress an opportunity you simply can’t afford to miss. With its unmatched quality and innovative features, you’ll be investing in a mattress that will transform your sleep and elevate your overall well-being.

Emma Sleep understands the importance of a good night’s sleep in enhancing your quality of life. That’s why we’ve created the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress – a product that combines cutting-edge technology, exceptional comfort, and unbeatable value. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your sleep experience and take advantage of the EOFY sale.

Visit their website or reach out to our dedicated customer support team to find out more about the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress and the incredible savings you can enjoy during the EOFY sale. Sleep like a legend – the time is now! Make the most of this opportunity and sleep easy while saving big with Emma Sleep’s EOFY sale.

At HappyMag, we know that a good night’s sleep sets the stage for epic creativity and music magic. So, sleep tight and rock on!