Esoteric welcome us onto a revolving synth-pop dancefloor on their single 'Monochrome'

Esoteric welcome us onto a revolving synth-pop dance floor on their single ‘Monochrome’

On their latest single, Esoteric rip apart the walls that separate the listener and the artist, ushering us into the Techicolour world of Monochrome. 

Music has played a vital role over these past few months. As one of the few ways that we can transcend the four walls of our home, music has allowed us to escape from our surroundings and enter into a sonic universe, curated to perfection by the artist. Sometimes these spaces will be lush and deeply textured, others soothing and meditative. In the case of Esoteric’s latest single, we are thrust onto a revolving dance floor of neon hues.

Equal parts hypnotic and vibrant, Monochrome is a song to lift you out of lockdown and into the groove-tinted arena of your dreams.


Since their formation in 2019, Esoteric have delivered nothing but funky gems. Monochrome is certainly no exception. Coated in glossy beats and dripping in sonic textures, the Ballarat trio’s sophomore single shines a contemporary light on ’80s dance-pop. While still maintaining the genre’s energy and punch, Monochrome scribbles in the margins of house and modern electronica to deliver a fresh new product.

“Our new single ‘Monochrome’ was made start to finish in lockdown over weekly Skype meetings, sending Ableton projects back and forth,” the group explain about the single. “We set out to make a radio-friendly track with some heart, taking inspiration from our favourite dance, disco and pop music from the last 50 years. Monochrome was released on all streaming platforms on Friday September 18th, and was released for early access on Triple J Unearthed a week prior, debuting at number 4 on the electronic music charts for Unearthed and 40th overall the week it was uploaded.”


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Say G’day to Monochrome! Our new song is up now on triple j unearthed, and will be available on all streaming sites next Friday (Sept 18th). To celebrate, we’re giving away some fresh shirts (designed by @elliott_drawing) to three lucky winners who help us try and get Monochrome some radio play! To enter, head over to our Facebook page, share this post. Then head over to @triple_j_unearthed, and then post a screenshot of you requesting Monochrome to the triple j textline in the comments on our Facebook post. We would also appreciate it heaps if you could chuck us a review on unearthed while you’re there! We’ll pick three winners at random in the next couple of weeks! triple j textline number: 0439757555 Link in our bio to listen on unearthed, enjoy! xx

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Sonically, Monochrome conjures images of a neon-tinted club where everything is draped in satiny walls of synth. The bridge, in particular, beautifully builds and layers over itself, highlighting the trio’s defining sonic sensitivity. Rich and beckoning, Monochrome is a groove-laden, kaleidoscopic dreamscape that makes you want to dream, break free, and dance all at once.

Thematically, however, frontwoman Shannen Hunter expresses raw and relatable reflections on interpersonal relationships, reflecting a vulnerability and introspection that takes many artists years to master. Combined with unchained guitar licks and an irresistible bass line, Esoteric have delivered a dance-pop masterpiece to soothe the soul.

Check out Monochrome below: