Eventide and Newfangled Audio launch the Generate polysynth 

Generate is the newest collaboration between Newfangled Audio and Eventide, a polysynth that dares you to unleash chaos (quite literally).

Generate is an expansive polysynth plugin, the latest collaboration between Newfangled Audio and Eventide. Another notable recent release from these two companies is Pendulate, a free monosynth built around the double pendulum theory.

Generate builds upon Pendulate by maintaining the same heightened levels of chaos and adding several new features. It includes Pendulate’s double pendulum theory oscillator and adds four more: Vortex, Pulsar, Discharge, and Turbine. Each possesses a wild nature with the aim of generating exciting, unexpected and new sounds.

Eventide Generate polysynth

Aside from the chaotic oscillators, Generate still contains all the features to be expected in a premium synthesiser. There are wavefolders based on Buchla 292 Complex waveform generator and a low pass gate based on the Buchla 292. All controls can be modulated through MIDI, MPE, two envelopes, two LFOs, sample and hold, and a step sequencer.

Effects include EQ, chorus, delay, reverb, and limiter. You can also change the look of the interface with a variety of colour schemes available. Similar to their past releases, the Generate interface has an animated depiction of the oscillator’s movement for user reference. The visual representation helps to make sense of the anarchic nature of the oscillators.

If you already have Eventide’s plugin subscription then you can receive a crossgrade discount. To find out more go to the Eventide website.