Evil Eddie – Welcome To The Flavour Country

After much antipicatipn and a stack of EPs, former Butterfingers’ front man Evil Eddie has put out his debut solo album. This album sees Evil Eddie grow even further as a musician producing something even stronger than his previous work with Butterfingers. The music is packed with power with sounds ranging from soulful ballads to full on rock anthems all held together with . The lyrics are brilliantly crafted with great narrative and sharp witted humor, all delivered with passionate flair!

Evil Eddie

The chameleon of the Aussie music scene. Singer, rapper and master of disguise. Yes you should be threatened by Evil Eddie, cause he is a man on a mission.

Highlights include the gritty ballad Hungover again, the lyrics takes you along on the dreary and regrettable journey of the morning after while being cleverly humorous along the way. Golden Age is quite a savage attack on rap music today while being nostalgic about the rap music of old. The music does indeed have the same power and charm as the early rap music that he his tipping his hat to. Paranoid is comically eerie piece that takes you through Evil Eddie’s fears whether rational or otherwise, about everyone conspiring against him! In addition to the sharp hip hop tunes there are two intense and rocking instrumentals Fucking frenzy and the closing track  The album also features Evil Eddie’s previous hits in the form of  his (sort of) theme tune (Somebody Say) Evil and the patriotic anthem Queensland!

This is a great full length that sees Evil Eddie reach new levels of an artist. Each song is put together with a tight sound and great humour! If you liked his previous work then you can’t go past this release!