Exclusive track from Blush Response

“Every time the sounds of the 60′s or the 90′s come around and make bands seem cool again to teenagers, there will always be a kid who wants be douchier than the rest of his high school. While every 14 year old shares fake Kurt Cobain quotes on their Instagram, you can live in hope that somewhere, somehow, a kid is discovering the scene that celebrated itself, and we can only hope his parents will hate it.” – Alex’s closing statement on his Blush Response review a couple of weeks back.

blush responseBlush Response has swung a little ditty our way, the first (and roughest) demo of Not In It For Love, from the Telltale EP.

Alistair, the guy behind the Adelaide band, may just be that kid. His debut EP Telltale is obviously inspired by the swirling walls of noise that we came to know (and love) through My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain, etc etc. But it’s not a revival piece of work.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for an artist to pour their creative energy into something they connect with and release it to the world, only to be met by idiot music reviewers who label them as REVIVAL. It’s like that Jean-Luc Godard quote, “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” Anyways, it’s safe to say we all really enjoyed Telltale.

When I spoke to Alistair, he was at a dairy placement and could only get Internet reception when he put his phone on top of a really tall bookcase. Miraculously, the Internet gods intervened and somehow I ended up with a really rough but beautiful first demo of Not In It For Love (from Telltale) in my inbox. The rawness actually really suits the sound, its all so reverb heavy anyway. I think I might prefer the demo to the copy that made it into production.

Feast your ears upon the track, from a bedroom in Adelaide, to a dairy farm, to Sydney, to you.