Exclusive track from Ivy St

Exclusive track from Ivy St

We’ve already spoken to you about the suburban street in Melbourne or Sydney. You know, it’s close to the city (the scummy side of the city), but not close enough to be deemed unaffordable by down and out students and musicians. On that street is a run-down house with a garage out the back, the walls of which are riddled with silicate minerals that are bad for your health. Inside that garage is a band, doing their noise thing, and that band is Ivy St.

I used to know a lot of people that lived on Ivy St in Redfern (in Sydney), there were always parties on that street and naturally I always thought that the band of the same name had something to do with it. I was wrong (and narcissistic!). Ivy St are a band from Hobart, who relocated to, and now make music outta, Melbourne.

ivy stIvy St is the one you wanna live on. Bright Eyes is key you’re looking for. Listen here for the first time.

Their blend of gloomy pop, punk, over-distortion with visceral lyrical content is not everyone’s cuppa, but if you like your streets full of honesty and so many feels, then head on down to Ivy St. Which brings me to my next point…

The Ivy St boys have sent us Bright Eyes, an unreleased track. It was written way back in the day of 2009 during the band’s first recording sessions in Hobart, with musician Anthony Rochester by their side. Originally planned for release on their first album, Picture Machine, it never quite fit properly. Much like the sad little penguin in Toy Story with the broken squeaker, it was filed away to collect dust for all eternity. Until now.

We are proud to give Bright Eyes a new lease on life, so here it is for your listening pleasure. Thanks to the Ivy St boys for this little gem, its got just the right amount of frustrated reverb needed to get my through this day.



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