The Family Shoveller Band delivers timeless Bidyadnga rock tune “Muntarurru”

Witness the extraordinary convergence of music and familial bonds via the Family Shoveller Band and their newest release “Muntarurru.”

When the ethereal realms of the Dreamtime collide with the energy of rock ‘n’ roll, and the enigmatic power of  family, the result is a transcendent sonic experience that defies boundaries and ignites the spirit.

Enter the The Family Shoveller Band, hailing from the remote Aboriginal community of Bidyadnga in Western Australia. As proud Karajarri family members, they have nurtured their musical talents from a tender age, creating a sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

The Family Shoveller Band

Their music serves as a conduit, communicating the rich tapestry of their culture and the mystical allure of their saltwater and freshwater ancestral domains.

With a captivating blend of raw authenticity and undeniable energy, their performances have become legendary, shaking dancefloors from the Kimberley and Pilbara regions to the vibrant city of Perth and beyond.

Their latest offering, “Muntarurru,” showcases their artistic prowess and deep-rooted connection to their heritage. Sung in the Karajarri language, this traditional song resonates with profound significance.

Drawing inspiration from the Black Wasp’s timeless journey through the Dreamtime, the band fuses this ancestral narrative with contemporary rock sensibilities, delivering a message that resonates with the core of our collective existence. They remind us that the smallest entities possess a greater purpose within the vast expanse of their sacred “country.”

Each member of the ensemble brings their unique talents to the table, enriching the collective experience.

The Family Shoveller Band

Petha Shoveller’s soul-stirring vocals and rhythmic percussions resonate deeply, drawing listeners into the band’s melodic tapestry.

The Family Shoveller Band

Francis Shoveller’s drumming commands attention, infusing each beat with infectious energy that propels their compositions forward.

Billy-Jo Shoveller, a master of both guitar and vocals, effortlessly weaves intricate melodies and delivers emotive performances.

The Family Shoveller Band

Rounding out the ensemble, Jordan Wright’s bass lines provide a pulsating foundation that anchors their melodic voyage.

The Family Shoveller Band

With every note they play, they invite us to join them on a transformative journey, where the power of music unlocks the hidden depths of our shared humanity.

Listen to “Muntarurru” here.

The Family Shoveller Band

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