Fantasy by Tarn PK is an expert study into funk and modern pop

You don’t necessarily expect polished and mature sounds to come out of teenagers, but Tarn PK is more than able to prove that assumption wrong.

Having only recently finished up high school, Tarn PK’s new EP Fantasy is exceedingly well considered in a way that feels more like it came from an established artist.


Tarn PK’s debut EP Fantasy is an expert blending of RnB, funk, and pop. This young musician from New Zealand has produced a mature sound far beyond his years.

Blending RnB, funk and pop influences, the EP released by the young New Zealand based singer, songwriter and producer is full of solid bops that are sure to be stuck in your head for all the best reasons.

It’s the culmination of three years’ work for Tarn PK; taking inspiration from his last memories of high school and the decision to pursue contemporary music as his career, the songwriting has come from an exceedingly mature place.

The five track EP features tracks Fantasy, Caught In The Wake, Talk To You, Midnight and Reality. Title track Fantasy is an expert demonstration of modern electronic production with funk and RnB influences. Tarn expertly layers vocals and synth piano in Talk To You, making you sit up and pay attention. The EP then pulls it way back with the simple and dreamy Midnight. The smooth, heartfelt track creates a sense of peace in the midst of some heavy grooves lining the rest of the EP.

If this first release is anything to go by, Tarn PK is an artist you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Don’t get left behind when everyone starts talking about this young musician.