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Fender launches the Troublemaker Tele: a tribute to the Les Paul

Fender have just released the latest in their line of Parallel Universe electric guitars – the Troublemaker Tele. Interestingly though, it seems to take its cues from that other guitar company, with more than a few touches of Les Paul flair.

fender troublemaker tele

The Troublemaker Tele is Fender’s latest from the stable of Parallel Universe guitars. It’s raised a few eyebrows by copping a few stylistic trademarks from the Gibson Les Paul.

The silhouette of this new electric combines a Telecaster body with a Stratocaster headstock – nothing too controversial there. It’s only once you take a closer look that you realise why it’s earned the Troublemaker moniker.

The mahogany body, bookmatched maple top and Ice Tea Burst finish all recall the iconic Gibson model. Fender has described that the guitar was designed to “raise a little hell”, so all mischievousness is very much intentional.

Other tech specs include twin humbuckers and adjusto-matic bridge with vintage tremolo and stop tailpiece, bone nut and modern 9.5″ radius fingerboard.

The Troublemaker Tele comes in Ice Tea Burst and Ice Tea Metallic finishes for 1,999 USD, including a hard case. Visit the Fender website for more info.

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