Fiona Apple pledges two years of royalties to asylum seekers in the US

American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple has pledged to donate the next two years worth of royalties from her 1996 hit Criminal to help with the refugee crisis in the United States.

Over the years, Criminal has featured in TV shows and movies such as Family Guy and American Horror Story, making the artist a fair dime. She’s been happy to share this with friends and family in their time of need, but now she’s focusing her efforts somewhere greater.

Fiona Apple has pledged two years worth of Criminal royalties to the While They Wait fund to support people seeking asylum in the U.S.

One of the major barriers to successful immigration asylum seekers is the cost. While They Wait ensures that those in need are supported with basic living necessities, attain legal status in the U.S and get legal representation for immigration cases.

Apple made the announcement through her Tumblr, saying that “what they need is representation and guidance because these people are being prosecuted as criminals just for asking for asylum.

I want to ask other songwriters to donate just ONE TIME, the money they get for the usage of one of their songs to this organization or one of their choosing.

To find out more about the While They Wait fund, watch Nilda’s Story below