Flyying Colours' Self-Titled EP

I’m writing the first draft of this review in the notes section of my phone on my way to the cheap-but-super-dodgy PC equipment store in Burwood. Why? I busted my shitty little Auriga PC speakers because I tried to pump the shit out of cosmic Melbourne shoegaze band Flyying Coloursnew self-titled EP.* This ain’t no background music kids, this is the kind of EP that you need to take lying down and allow yourself to get lost in.

flyying colours

Flyying Colours (that’s two y’s) rose to visibility on the national scene after releasing the amazing WAVYGRAVY back in April of this year, a masterfully layered noise anthem that got a fair share of airplay up here in Sydney on FBi as well as international coverage on the shoegaze blogosphere. It’s advantage over the rest of the psych coming out of Australia right now is that it sounds big, it sounds ambitious and it sounds like it’s going somewhere. Compare and contrast to bands like Sydney’s Day Ravies or fellow Melbournites Lowtide (both of whom I also have an ineffable love for), whose brand of psych comes more from the school of drone, dream and repetition. I’m not saying this method isn’t a respectable way of producing hypnotic psychedelic tunes, it just feels refreshing for me to hear bands like Flyying Colours put My Bloody Valentine down on their list of influences and then make good on that promise.

It’s not all balls to the wall noise rock though, the previously unheard tracks Bugs, She Leaves and Feathers are all fantastic bite sized gems in their own right, and if WAVYGRAVY hadn’t been the powerhouse of a track that it was on its release, it would have been easy to pick any one of these as the single. Bugs is an epic pop song finisher with a fuzzed out sheen and guitar tones that are crunchy as a candy apple, while She Leaves is a wormhole straight back to the black t-shirt and ripped jeans Alt. Rock of the 1990’s. Chorus pedals and scooped out mid-distortion abounds among the catchy as hell three note bassline and a drumbeat straight off Doolittle make this one of the few radio friendly shoegaze EP’s in existence.

Let their debut EP take you on a flight over rocky mountains of distortion and lush valleys of reverb by streaming it in full over at The and if you’re in the Q.L.D. this month you can catch them on the last leg of their national EP launch tour. Bring earplugs to this one guys!

NOV 15: Studio 188, Ipswich QLD

NOV 16: The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba QLD

*EDITORIAL: Alex, quite possibly the best opening line to a review on Happy and maybe planet Earth like ever!