Football douchebags and politics: Last Quokka keep punk alive with their Randwick EP

The anti-fascist punk band from the most isolated city on the planet,  Last Quokka, are back with yet another blaring portrayal of everything from the politics of exclusion to Melbourne weather.

The Perth based band are renowned all over the country as the pioneers of punk and addressing problematic Australian politics. Tackling important issues like racism and the old Australian traditions running rampant in our contemporary context.

Last Quokka present an amped up fusion of anti-hate messages and high energy performances, giving it’s listeners a combination of excellent tunes and the important lesson of saying no to intolerance.

Track by Track the Randwick Ep provides seven tracks of ‘booty shaking, face-smashingly punk vibes’. It’s safe to say there aren’t that many people who do punk the way Last Quokka do.

The group provide the authentic anti-oppressive direction that punk took when it first reared it’s head in the heated political climate of the 1970’s.

Other than relatable frustrations any young punter can feel in a society sometimes driven by fear and hatred, the Randwick EP is an expression of the frustration and desire for change we all need.

Aside from politics, Last Quokka are the masters of telling it how it is when it comes to every day things that just plain suck. Like ‘football douches’ and the blatantly inconsistent weather in Melbourne.

Check out the full Randwick EP released by Stock Records below.

To follow Last Quokka’s ode to punk as it should be, the group have a huge Indonesian tour planned for October. Taking on 8 massive shows across the country, the group are kicking off their new era in what’s bound to be the sweatiest and most high-energy tour we could  expect from them.

Check out the full tour dates below!


20 – SUSASU House, Jakarta
21 – KLUB RACUN, Bandung
22 – BINTANG STD, Kuningan
23 – G CAFE & RESTO, Semarang
24 – PINGPONG SPACE, Magelang
26 – DC CAFE, Yogyakarta
27 – LOKAL SPACE, Klaten
28 – SARANG WALET, Tulungagung
29 – SK COFFEE LAB, Kediri
31 – TWICE BAR, Denpasar

Randwick EP

1. Football Star
2. Melbourne Weather
3. Hurt
4. Politics of Exclusion
5. Diagnostic Criteria
6. Australia Fair