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Footy – Mobile Cemetery

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What does your mind conjure up when presented with a band called Footy? For me, I imagined a bunch of ex-jocks rebelling against society’s stereotypes and restraints by picking up acoustic guitars and letting their long repressed, poetic feelings pour out. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong, and Footy are as far removed from anything NRL related as musically possible.

Footy are an electric piano duo from Melbourne, who together have created a beautiful and subtly powerful instrumental album, Mobile Cemetery.

Its sound is simple and muted; a core of lush keyboard instruments is decorated with exotic percussion and some quietly dizzying production techniques, but nothing presented is needlessly showy – Mess + Noise


I’m always appreciative of an album that is not easily categorised. Mobile Cemetery is a 6 track collection that ranges from long, jazzy, experimental tracks, to slow building ballads with a 70’s electronic edge.

Realisation, the opening track, is the haunting side of jazz, walking casually into the spaces of the night like a walk-on character in a Jean-Luc Goddard film…It takes a lot to create perfect simplicity, and Footy has done it. Sit back, and ponder what this all means. You’ll be all the better for it – Beat

Contemporary instrumental music is a niche market, and therefore, inevitably this album will not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is a delicately crafted piece of work that definitely stands out amongst the wave of indie-rock that Melbourne usually pumps out.




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August 2, 2013

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