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You’re engulfed by an all-consuming wave of emotion as the breathy vocals and brilliantly layered harmonies transport you to a hauntingly beautiful musical landscape. Somber, entrancing and refreshingly unique, this is the work of Fractures, the multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer otherwise known as Mark Zito.

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Not unlike his British counterparts electronic producer James Blake and post-dubstep crooner Jamie Woon, Melbourne based Zito isn’t afraid to infuse minimalist electronica with his otherworldly vocals. However, his sophisticated arrangements were put on hold after an ironic neck fracture earlier this year. (He’s probably wishing that he’d chosen Healthy as his moniker instead). With no choice but to cancel his debut live performance at The Toff and postpone his debut EP, which was meant to drop in August, Zito was bound to bed rest for three months.

Finally returning with his long awaited new single, Cadence is a song about “unrequited lust,” a “lingering longing — trying in vain to shut out memories and thoughts of the object of attraction,” according to Zito. Cadence conveys these sentiments with an emotional gravity and vulnerability so intense only his elaborate arrangement and melancholic vocals are able to pull it off. ‘I’ve got you stuck on mind, and it’s driving me crazy,’ Zito sings yearningly. It’s an affliction we’ve all experienced, as Cadence encapsulates this complexity through intricate layers of skillful production work, unique instrumentation and vocals overflowing with emotion.

Evidenced by the positive buzz Twisted and Cadence have garnered, Fractures is destined for big things.

Cadence is out now through iTunes and will feature on Fractures’ upcoming debut EP, due early next year. Fractures will launch the single on Thursday, November 28 at The Workers Club in Melbourne.




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November 11, 2013

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