Watch ‘GTA 5’ voice actors bring ‘that’ scene into the real world

Lamar roasting Franklin (the iconic “yee yee ass haircut” scene from Grand Theft Auto V) has had a long, varied life outside of the game. For the uninitiated, look it up.

Now, look up the hundreds of other remakes that have been popping up throughout 2020. Unfortunately, none of them shape up to this little number – the real-life Franklin and Lamar giving it their all.

Topping the pile of Kermit, Harry Potter and Karaoke-style uploads of this scene is a new, heavyweight contender. Slink Johnson and Shawn Fonteno, the voice actors for Lamar and Franklin respectively, have taken their own IRL shot at remaking the scene.

Lamar Roasts Franklin

Now, calling this a scene is potentially a little unfair. It is a broken monologue of Lamar tearing Franklin a new asshole, and then deciding to live there, then tearing it all down again to renovate his mansion of a home. I lost you? It’s someone getting so verbally roasted that chestnut salesmen everywhere got a shiver in the night.

It’s every perfect retort packaged in 30 seconds. It touches on all the essential elements that your boys can rip into you for. Appearance, love life, and future prospects, all torched in the blink of an eye.

Slink and Shawn cannot be commended enough for this piece of beauty. Their attention to staying true to GTA 5 (that weird-ass arm wiggle) while literally being the characters in the real world brought joy to my heart. Costumes, inflection, the house looking the same… that’s a 10 from me.

Enjoy the video here. NSFW.