Future Love Hangover – Ecstatic Yours Truly

Future Love Hangover have managed to put out their album in one of the most unusual ways . You can’t buy the CD, nor do you buy the MP3s. Instead you first must enter the “Exposure”. This being an interactive cube that has the album playing as a soundtrack to a range of pictures on 5 of the sides of the cube with the sixth side showing a film for the album. Those that go through the exposure for the albums complete duration (which is around 38 minutes) will then be able to download the album.

Future Love Hangover

The Exposure certainly is an interesting way to experience the album, the various pictures fit in well to act as a companion while the film (which includes video clips to the singles off the album) provide an interesting viewing that ranges from unusual abstract scenes to curious short stories.

Prepare yourself for what is to be – the intriguing artist of  Future Love Hangover welcomes you to his world. He truly is something else.

The album at the end is well worth the time spent in the exposure as Future Love Hanover provides its own brand of chilled out and spacey electro-pop! There is a wide range of sounds and styles covered over the 10 tracks ranging from the experimental jazzy sounds of Sunlight Streams Electric to the laid back hazy psychedelic sounds of Thought Control and the sweet smooth poppy sounds of Yesterday’s Heart Sunrise. The tracks flow together seamlessly to create a brilliant spacey journey that is chilled out relaxed but full of curious twists and turns along the way!

This is a brilliant long player with all sorts of interesting ideas explored along the way. At the same time everything flows smoothly creating a relaxed vibe throughout! On top of this, The Exposure is an interesting interactive experience that is a lot of fun while letting you hear the album at the same time. Unless you’re completely opposed to chilled out electro-pop there really is no reason not to check out this record!