Why a gaming headset is the perfect Work From Home tool

Need a work headset that can field calls, provide high-quality audio, and be worn for hours? Gaming headsets have been doing that for years!

Whether or not you’re still working from home, long-distance communication is here to stay as a key part of work life. One of the many lessons learned from COVID-19 was that, yes, some of those meetings could have been emails. Even more of them could have been video calls.

Though when faced by the massive rise in video communication, many workers found themselves at a tech deficit. If you’re in virtual meetings all day you need a pair of headphones that has a quality microphone, can be worn for hours without falling apart, and sounds great for any in-between listening.

This just in, gaming headsets such as the Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL have been doing that for yonks. Online gaming has fielded a need for this kind of tech for years, which is why the ATH-G1WLs and similar headsets have flourished in 2020. They were simply ahead of the game.

Team chat? Check.

Competitive or co-operative games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, or Destiny 2 all require both high-quality sound and crystal clear voice chat to be played at a high level. Crucial decisions often have to be made in split-second moments, and a lost word to your team can mean a world of hurt.

Great gaming headsets come pre-equipped with a score of features to deliver the ideal gaming experience such as windbreakers on your microphone, convenient volume controls, and minimal lag when used wirelessly. In an office situation, this means you can forget about dodgy background noise on your mic, and receive as clear a signal as possible from your coworkers.

In terms of sound quality, both the ATH-G1WL and the ATH-G1 employ the same 45mm drivers Audio-Technica is famous for. If it’s good enough for the studio, you can bet it’s good enough for the office.

audio-technica gaming headset

Bonus points for convenience

The other area gaming headsets outperform even studio headsets is in quality-of-life features. When your hands are glued to a controller or a mouse, any adjustments to volume need to be made fast, meaning controls are often found right there on your headset.

Every gaming headset worth its salt will also have an easily accessible mute button, in case you need to speak outside of team chat for a moment. Or you know, you’re trying to teach an online class and your dog’s barking again.

Being able to easily adjust volume and mute yourself on the fly is an absolute boon to your working life. These small layers of convenience add up when you’re on calls for hours, or ducking in and out of them all day.

If you’re looking for a headset that ticks all the boxes for the contemporary office worker, look no further than a gaming headset. Most of Audio-Technica’s range is already sold out online with Christmas just over the horizon, but the ATH-G1WL and the ATH-G1 are both still available.