Gene Simmons puts his foot in it again, labels Prince’s untimely death as ‘pathetic’

The whole world has been mourning the late, great Prince after his death at only 57 years of age in April. The mysterious legend was the creative genius behind countless hits and inspired generations of aspiring artists but, as is commonplace in the wake of an icon’s death, controversy, speculation and unwarranted commentary has ensued. This time, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has put in his two cents.

“Blind to your bullshit” – Prince was iconic, regardless of his health status.

“How pathetic that he killed himself,” Simmons’ comments on Prince’s death highlight a deeply ingrained ignorance that hazes efforts to improve drug issues.

In an interview with Newsweek, Simmons spoke on the deaths of both Prince and other iconic artist, David BowieComparing the two events, Simmons stated: “Bowie was the most tragic because his was real sickness,” of Prince however, Simmons had another opinion: “His drugs killed him, what do you think? He died of a cold?”

Prince was reported to have had the prescription painkiller Percocet in his system after a toxicology report was performed. After rumours the singer was addicted to the drug, you’d be forgiven for suspecting an overdose was the culprit, despite denial of these allegations from many in Prince’s camp. However, recent information has emerged suggesting that the singer suffered from AIDs in the latter part of his life and it’s safe to say the investigation is far from over.

These comments are indicative of Simmons’ trademark arrogance and his inveterate insistence on remaining the misinformed cretin of the music world – a bit of a jester, if you will. Regardless of his penchant for being a bit controversial, Simmons may have dropped the ball here, to say the least. Drugs, such as they are, have taken the lives of many music icons through the years and most who have their eyes even a tad ajar can see that the problem doesn’t end at personal choice.

Simmons went on to comment, rightly so, on the power of Princes music but his closing statement: “how pathetic that he killed himself” was just a bit on the nose. As a man who supposedly has “never” dabbled in drugs or alcohol, Simmons has long been outspoken against such things.

The problem, however, lies in the blatant lack of willingness to understand the problem that, sadly is shared by more than just old ‘rock musicians’. Don’t forget, kids, the problem of drug addiction whether it was one of Prince’s or not, is far more complex than meets the eye. At the end of the day, it’s none of our, nor Gene Simmons’ business.

First seen on Newsweek.