Gene Simmons puts ice cubes in his cereal

Gene Simmons puts ice cubes in his cereal

To think this is how 2020 would begin, with Gene Simmons putting ice cubes in his cereal.

The KISS frontman posted a picture on his twitter showing the monstrosity of a breakfast in all its gory glory.

Gene Simmons simple comment “Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?” has left most of the internet lost for words on how to deal with 2020.

With the simple question, “Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?”, Simmons has lead us into the new decade questioning if it’s really worth it anymore?

The image, collage, mess, nightmare, whatever you want to call it, shows the nutritious mix of Oreo O’s, Frosted Mini-Wheats and frosty water boys. With most of us hungover after New Year, this image did not help the recovery. There have been torture techniques that are less chaotic than this cursed image.

Simmons has since responded to his ice-cold critics, saying, “Who Wants Lukewarm Milk With Your Cereal?”. The simple fix would be putting the milk in the fridge. I question whether he gets the milk fresh every day for him to miss this simple fix. He continued on a stampede of dumbfounding comments, “cause Kim Jong Un and the rest of the world, and Mr. Putin and all the rest — that’s not controversy. What I had for breakfast, whether there’s ice in it or not, is earth-shaking.”

Although Simmons’ breakfast isn’t as important as world news, you cant help but be a little lost for words at his bizarre cocktail of filth. Let’s hope his famously long tongue is the only thing that will ever have to touch his icy-wheat-O’s. At least we know 2020 can only go up from here.