Georgia Ray is caught in love’s daze on new pop-rock single ‘Hypnotherapy’

Georgia Ray , “Hypnotherapy,” showcasing her knack for crafting jangly, 90s -inspired indie pop tunes that are as infectious as they are introspective.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Georgia Ray makes a triumphant return with her first single of 2023, a country-flecked pop ballad titled Hypnotherapy.

With a keen attention to lyrical detail and a fondness for lush instrumentation, Ray weaves a sonic tapestry that’s equal parts dreamy and grounded, inviting listeners on a journey through the inner workings of her psyche.

Georgia Ray single 'Hypnotherapy'


The track opens with soulful acoustic guitar, as Ray sings with a country twang of the inescapability of a particular muse. “I want to be set free,” the Melbourne singer-songwriter croons. “I think I just need hypnotherapy.”

Ray’s catchy melody is wrapped in the track’s lush instrumentation, which spans steady percussion and a nostalgia-laden electric guitar sequence. 

Hypnotherapy’s upbeat production — complete with a catchy hook and crescendoing bridge — belies the otherwise-sombre lyrics. “Hypnotise me so I can try to forget all our memories,” Ray sings with a raspy edge reminiscent of Avril Levine, “like we never met.”


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Showcasing a knack for evocative narrative songwriting, Ray covers a range of topics — from the loss of herself in a relationship to the desire for independence. The result is an intimate vignette of love’s more prickly implications, with powerhouse instrumentation to boot. 

It’s the kind of pop-rock cut that you might hear on a Taylor Swift or Tegan And Sara record, and yet with its personal lyricism and flair for the nostalgic, Hypnotherapy is wholly Georgia Ray.

Hypnotherapy is the first single to be lifted from Georgia Ray’s upcoming EP, which is set for release in October of this year. It will mark the independent musician’s first major release since 2022, when she duetted with Kyle for the single Picture of Us. 

In the time between, Ray has kept busy in her musical pursuit, having been named as  ‘One to Watch’ by the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Elsewhere, she has played at multiple venues across her inner-north hometown, and shared a suite of standalone releases since 2017, including the debut EP Famous and the 2020 single So Far Gone. 

Listen to Georgia Ray’s new single Hypnotherapy below, and keep an eye out for her forthcoming album due out this year.