Giant kiwifruit greet Jacinda Ardern in Japan

Japan’s welcome for Jacinda Ardern has been described as kiwifruit gatecrashing a funeral

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern was welcomed by two people dressed in jumbo sized kiwifruit costumes, swaying sadly to a pretty sombre tune.

Ready for a laugh? Good. Because the video of Jacinda Ardern’s welcome to Japan is on another level.

The New Zealand prime minister touched down on international shores for the first time in two years, and while the swaying kiwifruits were a beautiful gesture, as one Twitter user noted, it looks like the kiwifruit “have gatecrashed a funeral”.

Jacinda Ardern Japan
Credit: Twitter/henry cooke

Thanks to Stuff NZ’s chief political reporter, Henry Cooke, we were treated to the stunning sight. He posted the video on Twitter with the caption, “This is the greatest day of my life”. Us too, Henry. Us too.

The footage has been doing the rounds on social media, and rightly so. It’s fkn hilarious. One Twitter user wrote: “Looks like a lament. Is everyone OK?” and another took a moment to appreciate the magical moment, writing “So beautiful”. And isn’t it just.

The kiwifruit look so sad to be there, and it makes it all the more funny. Add in the dozens of unimpressed, official-looking men, and the video hits even harder.

But here’s the wildest part of the entire event. Those kiwifruits weren’t made specifically for the New Zealand PM. They were actually created by a New Zealand company called Zespri. But for some reason the characters, known as the ‘Kiwi Brothers’ are extremely popular in Japan.

Here they are dancing to less depressing music.

Even though the fun, boppy number might be slightly more fitting, they still nailed the slow sway. And that is what we call range. Welcome to showbiz, baby.