Girl power is stronger than ever in the new video from #GlobalGoals featuring some classic Spice Girls

For some, The Spice Girls and their short, yet explosive career was one of simple, manufactured means. The pop world has a way of moulding artists into empty shells, churning out pointless hits for short lived spikes in sales and, in many ways, the 90s girl band fits this description. However, a new video, recently surfacing on Facebook through equality activists The #GlobalGoals tells a different story.


The feminism movement is rolling in 2016 and it’s snowballing. The new video from #GlobalGoals tells the world what needs to happen next.

For many, in fact, the Spice Girls were no ordinary pop stars, they were the beginning of a revolution, a girl power movement the likes of which had not yet been seen on a global scale. Teenaged girls in their millions were experiencing their first taste of the inequality that has become inveterate to the female experience when Wannabe dropped and sparked inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Today, feminism has truly hit its stride and changes are beginning to be seen, however small. Still, there’s a long way to go and far more to be done. The word needs to be spread further and louder and a reboot of the Spice Girl’s classic could be just the ticket, reinvigorating that old inspiration and, hopefully, instilling the same in a new generation of powerful ladies.

The video features a cast of shredding dancers and a global reach of issues ranging from pay inequality to domestic violence, all of which need awareness raised and action to be taken.

Check the video out and go to The Global Goals to find out how you can help.