Gorillaz tease new Tame Impala collaboration

After announcing the official launch of their new project Song Machine, Gorillaz seem to be teasing a collaboration with the one and only Tame Impala.

The first release in the Song Machine series was a rap-punk collaboration with Slowthai and Slaves.

Following a collaboration with Slowthai and Slaves, Gorillaz guitarist Noodle posted to her Instagram to tease a possible Tame Impala team-up.

With Song Machine, Gorillaz plan on releasing individual songs with studio footage along with interviews with the people involved in the tracks (including the cartoon members).

Russel, Gorillaz drummer, announced in a statement that, “Song Machine is a whole new way of doing what we do. Gorillaz breaking the mould ’cos the mould got old. World is moving faster than a supercharged particle, so we’ve gotta stay ready to drop. We don’t even know who’s stepping through the studio next. Song Machine feeds on the unknown, runs on pure chaos. So whatever the hell’s coming, we’re primed and ready to produce like there’s no tomorrow. Y’know, just in case….”

Last Friday, the band’s guitarist Noodle posted a photo of the Gorillaz first album superimposed onto Tame Impala’s Currents record. Along with tagging Tame Impala in the post, the official Gorillaz Instagram commented on the photo with the blunt, “Kev???”. As of yet, Kev hasn’t replied.

Before we get to hear what will inevitably be one of the collaborations of the year, we will be blessed with a brand new Tame Impala record, The Slow Rush, on February 14th.

Check out Noodle’s post below.


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