Grace Tame calls Albanese out for meeting with agent of “abuse”

Anthony Albanese met with cancelled controversial radio broadcaster Alan Jones and to no one’s surprise, Grace Tame suggested a simple side-eye.

The opposition leader shared a photo on Twitter of his interview with former radio and TV shock jock, Alan Jones on Monday.

Albo captioned the post with: “Good to chat with Alan Jones today in his new Sydney studios,” 

Jones has gotten himself in a fair bit of hot water in the past by making countless disparaging comments toward women along with numerous abuse allegations.

Grace Tame quickly clapped back with her own tweet, saying: “Yeah nah, this is where you could’ve just frowned and walked off,”

“Or better yet, not done it.

“There are plenty of other ways to broaden your messaging without enabling known agents of sexism and abuse.

“None of us is obliged to speak to bigots. The optics of this aren’t good.”

More to come.