PREMIERE: Grant Larseny unveils a folky punk spectacle with debut album Dirty Laundry

Gritty, witty and boldly brilliant; Grant Larseny airs it all out with his debut album Dirty Laundry. Captured through an introspective lens and some skilful storytelling, the record hits all the marks with its candid and relatable Australiana attitude.

In carving out a hybrid form of folky punk-rock, the Melbourne-born Perth transplant will find fans amongst those with an affinity for Australian accents, some classic self-deprecation and The Smith Street Band.

Grant Larseny
Photo: Kim @ Shoot the Wicked Witch

Dirty Laundry by Grant Larseny is a triumph of Australiana ambience, offering ten tracks of folky-punk melodies to live your everyday life to.

Recorded in the downtime between Christmas and New Year’s 2017, the record is comprised of ten tracks exploring oodles of real world issues. These range from recreational drug use and modern relationships to, most interestingly, the trials of being a parent.

Track number four Third Time Lucky (Thirty, Broke, and Fucked) is anchored through a wistful Australiana atmosphere. Simple but wickedly potent lyrics bring home-grown stories to life: “I was a skinny red-headed kid born on April Fools’ Day. Pretty smart but a little bit awkward.”

That Doesn’t Even Rhyme takes a more nostalgic turn, wielding some seriously chewy guitar riffs to proclaim an appreciation for the little things in life. Like all of Larseny’s tunes, cheeky lyrics drop by the boatload: “I’ve got a surfboard rack and I’ve filled it up. I’ve got ten guitars and a pickup truck. Cuz ute doesn’t rhyme with filled it up.”

Pretty Good Bloke strips back the layers to reveal the record’s beating heart. It’s a slow and sweeter tune, tackling an inner anguish with lines like, “It’s Saturday night and you’re down the pub. And I’m stuck inside with the missus and a bub.

Dirty Laundry is both a sombre and spirited set of jams. In exploring all the shades of life through a ‘rolls with the punches’ outlook, listeners are treated to a record brimming with character and punk-rock passion.


Dirty Laundry will be available across streaming services from June 1 or in hard copy at the album launch.

Grant Larseny will be joined by The Bob Gordons, Lionizer, I Call Val and Dave De Niro for the launch of the record at The Boston on June 1. Grab all the details here and be sure to check out more dates below.

June 8 – The Den, Inglewood WA – Doors 7:30
June 9 – The Monkey Bar, Mandurah WA – Doors 8:00