Guerilla Toss- 367 Equalizer

While Guerilla Toss sounds kind of like a violent video game* featuring silent and subtle political messages, it is in reality the name of a bass-booming, quirky band from Boston, Massachusetts.

Asian pop has finally met its match against the vivid mess of noise that is Guerilla Toss. Their sound is as equally thrilling, and colourfully dynamic as a Nintendo 64 Game. Mesmerising yet chaotic the band breathe a fiery haze of life and colour into their new 4-track album, 367 Equalizer.

Guerilla Toss

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. You might come across a naked body or two when looking up Guerilla Toss for their music ahem.

And the band is obviously uninhibited as a quick Google search brought up a photo of them which I cannot un-see… a naked, white body of one of the boys with his pants around his ankles. Further searching (which was only driven by my nibbling curiosity) and I saw glorious bare backsides… I dare you to look this one up.

They describe themselves as an Art-funk/ punk band with tribal beats, intergalactic inspiration and bass so dense and warm that it is almost suffocating. Slightly chaotic and tense they substitute vocals for deafening screams which orbit the sparse levels of loops and distortion.  Their music is the kind that you’d expect to hear battling some sort of slimy, green space creature, or otherwise under a freaky hypnosis session.

Cookie is a puzzling track possessing inspiration from the quirky, flowerpot band, Devo while 367 Equalizer resonates with a funk-inspired bass line, a dominant dance beat, a humble cowbell and the bright shudder of maracas. Controversial yet undoubtedly quirky and experimental their music is unpredictable and rich without getting too busy.

After listening to track after track I’m still uncertain where my feelings lie with this band, though I’ll admit that a symptom I exhibited after listening was the ability to be swept up in the excitement and brightness of their sound which resents all indication of authority and order.

*Actually Editorial imagines something completely different. Yep.



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