Happy Mag’s top picks from the 2022 Lost Paradise line-up

There are still some Lost Paradise tickets waiting to be snatched up, so let’s take a look at some of Happy’s top picks off the sick line-up.

Got no New Year’s plans? Feeling like you might get serious FOMO if you don’t lock something in fast? Lost Paradise is coming up and less than 10% of tickets are still available, so it’s now or never baby! Get on it.

Happy is a big fan of the incredible line-up, with such a wide variety of amazing artists. Let’s get into some of the artists we’re looking forward to seeing up on the big stage at Lost Paradise!

Los paradi
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Introducing LAZYWAX to the table, we have long-time friends Hans Müller and Wolfgang Schneider that intertwine elements of modern European disco and give tribute to the disco gods of the ’70s and ’80s. The pair met at a discotheque in Berlin and instantly connected over their love for their favourite Italia-disco producers and composers. This immediate synergy led to their first track, Pluto blossoming into the world on an 8-track tape machine, Minimoog Model-D and a Juno 60.

Lost Paradisess
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G Flip

G Flip is a multi-instrumentalist Aussie singer, songwriter, producer and drummer from Melbourne. They released their debut studio album, About Us in 2019 under the independent record label Future Classic. With emotional, chanting pop charisma and themes of rebellion, romance and partying through bullshit, they’ll be adding a lot of flavour to the Lost Paradise line-up.

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Coconut Cream

Astari Mudana, Jasmine Tan, Chad Kennedy and Oscar Saran make up the soaring indie rock group Coconut Cream, breathing fresh jams into life that are reminiscent of Stella Donnelly, Ruby Fields and Jay Som. They all met at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and were drawn to each other over their dedication to their music, bonding through jam sessions.

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Big Twisty & The Funknasty

Big Twisty & The Funknasty are coming in real hot at the moment in the Australian funk and hip hop scene. They’re spitting funk fire into crowds, exploding with a group made up of 10 people, who are slaves to the funk. With supporting acts such as Dune Rats, The Vanns and Ocean Alley, Big Twisty & The Funknasty are here to open your mind and free your soul.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is one of the bigger artists performing at Lost Paradise this year, along side Arctic Monkeys. The American rapper, singer and songwriter first rose to fame with his release of Old Town Road, a country rap single. Being the first openly gay artist to win a Country Music Association award, Lil Nas scored himself a number on the list of the 25 most influential people on the internet in 2019. He released his debut EP, 7 with hits Panini and Rodeo coming in as 5th and 22nd on the charts and also his latest EP’s single, Montero (Call Me by Your Name) did exceptionally well, landing no.1 on the global charts.

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Convinced to get tickets yet? I bet you are, I know I am. Check out the link here and get them before they’re gone.