Happy Mag’s Guide to Return To Rio 2018

Return To Rio is quite possibly Australia’s most unique music festival. It’s a paradise where you can freely be yourself and immerse yourself in the festival’s tight-knit community.

Across the weekend, you’ll be able partake in a huge range of different activities… so as the festival approaches, here’s our extensive guide to Return to Rio.

return to rio

You’re probably getting pretty excited for this year’s Return To Rio… and so you should be, but it’s never too early to kick off preparation.


Ok, while there is a seemingly endless list of things to be done at Return To Rio, music should always be a priority, which is why they’ve invited some of the biggest and best acts you’ll ever see. This is properly world class – the kind of lineup you usually see from the wrong side of the planet in London, Amsterdam, Berlin or Ibitha.

Skream hasn’t toured Australia since the tail-end of 2016. Greg Wilson has been DJing longer than most of us have been alive. After climbing from the depths of a UK acid house explosion (which we all wish we were part of) 30 years ago, Sasha will even be gracing the decks.

Burning Man, Tomorrowland or Dimensions be damned – it doesn’t get bigger than this.

Random Acts Of Kindness

All guests of Return To Rio are encouraged to partake in paying forward random acts of kindness. This can range from giving someone a hand setting up their tent to setting up your own pop-up bar.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s this kind of community feel that separates Return To Rio from the rest of Australia’s festival landscape. I mean seriously, at what other festival would someone shout you a cocktail?

Match-Making Service

Yep, Return To Rio also offer their own dating service. So, if you’re still single… you don’t need to be for much longer. A group of dedicated festival cupids will help match you with the festival goer of your dreams, and help to arrange your first festival date.

We’ve had Rio weddings and just recently, offspring,” festival director Ricky Cooper says of the service. Who needs Tinder anyway?

Fancy Dress

Return To Rio is utterly unique for a number of reasons, one of which is the incredible costumes that get flaunted throughout its three-day duration. Though on the Saturday, this event will become the most bizarre and spectacular fancy dress party in Australia.

So don’t hold back – it’s time to get weird. Nothing is too outrageous.

If you want inspo or need to get your hands on something especially wild, Moondust Dreaming and Crowns By Chloe are available to craft custom glam for festival goers The endlessly fabulous Glitter Rascals will also be in residence at Return To Rio, so be sure to suss them out for a little extra sparkle.

Getting Tickets

If you want to take part in all the magical goodness described above, all you need is a ticket. However, there are a few different ticket options:

Golden Tickets
Firstly, you’ve got the Golden Ticket. This will give you the most complete an immersive festival experience – these are also known to sell out really bloody quickly.

Single Day Tickets 
If you’re only available for one day out of the weekend, this might be the option for you. Grab yourself a single day ticket, and head along to one day’s worth of great times. It’ll still be one of the best Australian festival experiences you’ve ever had.

Coach Tickets 
If you live a fair distance away from the festival, why not hop in a coach that’ll take you directly there? Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be delivered straight to the festival’s front door.

Return To Rio will be held at Wisemans Ferry, New South Wales, right by the picturesque Hawkesbury River – just a 90 minute drive out of Sydney.

Third release tickets are priced at $300 and include a $10 Eco-Bond (this will be refunded if you do your bit to help preserve the beautiful surrounds of the tranquil camping areas).

Grab more info and tickets here.