Happy’s Zen Horoscope (11th July - 17th July) – Express to decompress

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (11th July – 17th July) – Express to decompress

Express your feels. Mercury enters Cancer on the 11th, so take your emotions seriously and communicate your needs to others. Let this emotional energy carry through the week with both Venus and Mars linking up in Leo on the 13th.

Communication will take on a more intuitive attribute, leaning more towards quality over quantity.  Our thoughts are also more likely to be coloured by our emotions at this time, so be mindful that it may be more challenging than other times to be objective.

In other words, don’t lose it, otherwise, you might just miss out on some deep and meaningful and truly satisfying conversations. 


Cancer you are in your element.  At your best, you shine brightest on the home front. So whilst you are enjoying yourself with the people or the familiars that you share your abode with, you will find that from this place of ease and comfort you can look to see what needs fixing around the home, because this is a great week for improvements or renovations.

Advice: emotionally you could potentially find things a little triggering if you have to work with others on any decisions around the home, so strive for objectivity where you can. 


Your dependence on others in a creative setting could be tested this week, especially if you are feeling any creative blocks. Look to see how you can shine a light on any hard tasks with the help of others. Ask for help if you need it. Things you think you can’t do, anything you definitely can’t do, don’t put things off, get the help you need. 

Because this week is all about rolling up your sleeves and taking on something new, so don’t be afraid to ask for a little help to get you going.  Do embrace it, and do have some fun with it. 



You’ll find that there may be some big decisions to be made. Decisions that may affect the next few years at the very least, so to help you out, focus on your long term goals, and less about who or what you might have to leave for a time, whilst you go about achieving things. 

This is actually a good week to reconnect with any old childhood friends, to reminisce a little, maybe plan a reunion, or just to catch up. Because friends are worth celebrating, especially if you can’t take them where you are going, and that is reason enough, so you may as well get into it.


High level of energy around this week, and everything is encouraging you to go with the flow. Make the most of this momentum to help you to move faster towards your goals than ever before. Because there is no time like the present, and you feel to know this, so get your mind out of the way, lest it slow things down, and take the cues the universe is sending you. 

Advice: do not be afraid to spend a little extra where it’s called for, because not spending at this time may only hinder the flow of progression that is happening for you.


Pretty much everything is a process, there is simply no avoiding that fact. So put any thoughts of, this is not good enough, this is taking too long etc etc etc, out of the equation for now, and accept that sometimes there will be delays. So take this as an opportunity to take a freaking break already.

Because sometimes, if you rush ahead with projects too fast, your energy can become scattered. Slow down, take 5, and recentre. Everything will be fine, and you’ll find that when you get back to work,  things will be even more productive than before. 


Embracing some alone time is important, sometimes you have no choice, like when good ol covid ramps up and the government locks everything down.

Or the times when you simply need to be alone to get something over the line, that thing you are working on, or just work, whatever it is, embrace it, because you are working for the bigger picture as a part of a team,  and they need you to do your job,  so do it. Advice: don’t forget to have some fun. Come up for air to reconnect with your loved ones every now and then.


There’s a lot of optimism to things this week,  you can get a good sense of the silver lining that any past difficulty invariably holds. Be mindful of any hypersensitivity that may arise within, in particular if you come up against any criticism.

Try to develop a thick skin if you can, because it’s always OK to address any problems, as it gives you a chance to look to see if you can change anything that needs changing. Advice: you are being presented with an opportunity and the determining factor in this is up to you, if you want it to work, it will.


Nice week to relax and let your hair down. You’ve done a lot lately to improve your situation, in particular your home, so now is a good time to enjoy it. Because self care is on the ganda, so make some time just for you, whatever it is that helps you to reconnect with your being.

So book a massage, have a bath, maintain your energy levels, take a breath, exhale, and settle into the very centre of your being. Because there is a lot coming up because as we all know, Aquarians always have something coming up.


A timeframe of re-evaluating what’s important to you. Money seems slightly less important, because you’ve come to the realisation that things don’t make you happy, only love makes you happy. Going forward in this light, you will be able to tap into your subconscious mind, and know that the answers you seek at this time can only come to you from within.

From this place of intuition, you’ll find that you will be able to express yourself more clearly. Advice: you are being called on to connect your higher self, so let compassion, empathy and your ability to trust and to nurture shine through. 


Self reflection is important, because you don’t want to become so absorbed in your own personal dilemmas that you forget about your family and friends. They need you to.

And if you do need a bit more alone time, just let them know that you love them, and that you’ll reach out again soon when you’re ready. Advice: follow this period of introspection and turn your luck around, ground your next move in reality, do the math, work out costs and time so that when you are ready you can activate your plans.


Inspired creativity and new ideas abound. Rather than jump in straight away, take a step back and give yourself a moment to consider if everything is aligned with your true goals. The whys and the hows, because it’s important to connect with your true passions and higher calling.

Planning and follow-through is essential. So don’t let any distractions get in the way of bringing your idea to fruition. Stay committed and focused. Advice: if you are experiencing any insecurity financially or professionally, focus on projects that will increase your sense of security and self-worth, by tapping into your talents.


This week is about self-forgiveness and moving on. So self care, and expressing any emotions that you may have been holding back are high on the agenda. Because you can’t change the past, but you can learn from it, and take the lessons learned with you into the future. 

You have a lot to share, you have a lot of different skill sets, and capabilities, but for some reason, you haven’t been tapping into them lately. Advice: You are long overdue for some serious quality alone time, so that you can contemplate and change direction if need be to make the most of your talents.