Happy’s Zen Horoscope (17th October – 23rd October): Unearth truth
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Happy’s Zen Horoscope (17th October – 23rd October): Unearth truth

A prosperous week ahead if you keep your eyes open. Jupiter goes direct into Aquarius on October 18. Expect opportunities for the future to open up and make themselves known.

Mercury is direct in Libra, so find a balance with the people in your life while you are at it, centering is advised. A New Zodiac season hits us on October 23. Scorpio reigns all things, profound, passionate, driven, and intensely emotional, and loves to get to the truth of things.

Take Scorpio’s cue, and unearth a few mysteries. Whether it be a line of inquiry into your own lives personally or professionally, this is the time to transform things for the better if you happen to be healing from any big changes. This season is about making yourself over and making the kind of comeback that Scorpios are famous for. Bigger and better baby. Bigger and better.


A potentially challenging week is ahead, especially regarding any projects that may feel questioned or disputed from an outside source. While it might initially feel like a block, remember that it’s up to you to push past any obstacles in your way. Tap into your strengths. Establish some clear boundaries and protect your goals at all costs.

This will require some courage and persistence, but you have got what it takes. Because you’re a Scorpio baby and don’t you forget it. Before you set your boundaries, take a moment out, destress, clear your head, sometimes you just need to take a walk, and keep things simple for half a day.


Good luck and abundance. This week sees a lifting of any financial stress, and an end to any difficulty. As you move forward, try not to get caught up in what you think is acceptable or unacceptable, for yourself or for others, because nothing is as ever black or white as you think it is.  Often it’s just a matter of beliefs, and what you were raised to believe in.

So if you find yourself getting all judgy, let your head take the lead, not the heart. You will be able to discern situations without the influence of emotion that beliefs can so often rile up. This week, sans emotions, baby, sans emotions.


Feeling a little sulky, a bit moody, or jealous? Maybe you feel frustrated that the opportunity hasn’t turned up yet to help you to showcase your talents. You’ve got ambitions, but sometimes Capricorn, when you don’t get your way, you need to make sure your emotions don’t carry you away.

Sometimes, you just need to redirect your energy and keep going. Keep actioning your plans, your goals, your hopes, your dreams, just keep one foot firmly planted on the ground in front of you, and you will be fine. Keep at it. You’ll see, you’ll be more than fine, in fact, you will be brilliant.


Burn baby, burn. There is a lot of energy to things this week, so make sure it’s driving in the right direction. Started a new passion project? Keep at it. If your attention is a bit scattered, do what you can to slow down and get a better idea of where your energy is best applied. If you’ve come up against delays or frustrations, redirect your energy to accommodate for it.

Look for alternative ways to achieve your goals, or adjust accordingly, as long as you stay true to your ideas, and stay as close as possible to your path. When you channel your energy mindfully, things will run smoothly, otherwise, all that energy you have could go to waste, and we don’t want that.


When you dance, the world dances with you.

You can tell from where you are standing that everything’s coming together nicely. Nothing to be shy about. You have a lot to be proud of, you’ve worked hard to achieve stability and success in your life for yourself and for those that you love. It’s nice to know that everything is paying off. Literally paying off, like happiness, fulfillment, and money and stuff.

So if you feel compelled to share your blessings, share away, because a Pisces loves to share, and your hard work and dedication have brought you to a very sound place.


Playing it small Aries? Experiencing delays? There is growth and expansion available to you at this time, but for some reason, you are choosing to play it safe. Whatever the reason might be, now is not the time to dwell on the fact that you may have been wasting your time. No, now is not the time to give in or succumb to negativity.

Bumps in the road aren’t always a sign that you are off the path, sometimes they are the path. Advice-wise, if you are struggling to get things going, break things down into smaller tasks to make it easier, prepare for any challenges by being more prepared than last time, and keep things more realistic and manageable.


This is the time to create opportunities to do more of what makes you happy, and less of what doesn’t. Family is important to you Taurus, so spending more time with your nearest and dearest comes very naturally to you. In fact, it’s a joy. So enjoy yourself, take a holiday, host a get-together, relax, and create some fun and happy memories.

Do what you can to make your life as special as possible. On the romance front, relationships may move forward, potential engagements, or just shacking up, whatever it is, it’s got commitment written all over it. The kind that spells everlasting, … ain’t that sweet.


Inner alignment, and preparation, if there ever was a time to prepare for a new you, a new way to do things, a new way to look or feel, now is the time. No need to rush it though. Slow and steady this time wins the race, so keep things measured, and well thought out.

Use your time to productively align your resources, financial or otherwise, so that you can actively pursue your goals. Getting things in order across the board is the prescription for the week, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, so that you are in a great position to move forward with your plans.


A great week to restore any imbalances. If you have been overindulging, partying a little too hard, or binge-watching Squid Game like there’s no tomorrow now is the time to get up and about. Bring moderation back into your daily routines! There is a time and place for everything, but if there are things that you want to achieve, then you know what you have to do.

Wherever you have been spending a lot of time on, may benefit from a shift – especially if it has become detrimental to your long-term goals. Sometimes you need some time alone to refocus your attention. Seek the middle path, the path of the Buddha, and if you are experiencing any conflict, go out of your way to be the peacemaker, withdraw, and seek some valuable time out.


Patience is a virtue, or so the saying goes. If you feel a lag or a lack of long-term vision has caused delays, don’t get bogged down in negativity, know that you are still on the path towards achieving your goals. It may just be a matter of tweaking things here or there.

If your efforts are feeling too scattered, you may need to look at whether or not you are investing enough time in the right areas. Examine where you are spending your time and energy and make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your current progress. Make it a practice to prioritize – to set yourself up for future success.


Good week to up your game, anything that makes you feel good, or looks promising is recommended. Because you’re worth it, and sometimes you need to remember that. Create the situation for yourself now for the future, that will help you to progress and to grow.

Start a line of study that will help you to upskill, get a wardrobe makeover – whatever! If you feel reluctant to spend, practice self-love in all its forms. Be good to yourself and your body. Take this opportunity to reflect and bring to the foreground your sense of self-worth.


This week sparks new beginnings, and all of the inspiration that is needed for the early stages of a creative project or venture. Action will always clear the way forward. Be mindful of any messages that come through – write them down, because if they don’t make sense to you now they may later.

There is a lot to be excited about, possibilities, and potential galore, as you put your mind to creating whatever you want with focus and intent. Be mindful of high expectations from yourself or from others. And, keep things grounded, and practical.