Happy’s Zen Horoscope (27th June – 3rd July) – Be the master of your own you-niverse

Venus enters Leo on the 27th, pairing the planet of love and money with the dramatic and confident.  It’s a straight-up invite to live and love as loud as you can.

This is a generous timeframe, so have some fun with it. Watch out for any potentially sensitive triggering moments if you feel you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve (thanks Leo), be mindful and reign them in.

Let play be the order of the day, and maybe make some grand gestures of love instead. Those who sit on the sidelines will only get left behind, so playing it safe is not recommended, it could leave you feeling like you missed out on a chance to have a little extra fun. Love and fun is the theme of the week, so go get some. 


This timeframe rules compassion, so love your heart out, and gift to those, like you want to be given. It will help to make up for any bullshit neggie feels that you may have endured lately.

Rebalance things by spending some time and lending an ear to those that need it, and have some fun with it along the way. Because this week is all about strengthening the bonds with the people in your life through listening, understanding and compassion.

Plus there’s a secret gift for yourself in listening, it automatically makes you forget all about yourself,  any worries, or any anxieties you may have, poof …. gone. 


Nice week for caring, sharing and supporting those that you love. You may have to put a couple of things on hold so that you can focus your energy elsewhere, just to make sure that the people in your life have everything that they need. Your intuition will be strong so listen to it and do what comes natural.

Take charge, because you will be attuned to the emotions of others and their needs, as well as your own. And if you find you are drawn to making a couple of life decisions, trust what you know to be right and true for you, and make a move using your own internal compass.


Interesting week for growth as you navigate your way towards your long term goals. Sometimes you’ll find that others want to help you, other times not. This is Ok, because it helps you to realise with more and more certainty that you are the deciding factor when it comes to seeing things through to the end.

Don’t become sidetracked too much by what other people are willing to do, or not do. You are a natural-born leader, and an entrepreneur at heart, so honour that in yourself, and keep working on your goals anyway. 


You are exploring what it means to have fun on a very private and personal level this week. This process is helping you to release any negative thoughts, which will open you up to new perspectives, and possibilities.

To see how you can bring more play into your life, it’s important to work from the inside out, and make sure you are doing all you can to bring a sense of play to your current environment. Because you feel set up for it,  you have attained a level of security, and stability that makes it easier than ever to share with those around you. 


A deeply contemplative week ahead, but don’t rest for too long on your laurels.  Anything that has been stagnant on the relationship front is calling on you now to fix it.  You may feel reluctant to express some feels, but this transit cautions, if you hold back you may miss out, so be brave and show how you feel.

Any gesture will make all the difference. Heed the call. You know you hear it.  Ignore your inner critic and make a move, even a small one. This in itself will show you that you are on the right track, because it will feel right.


This week it’s all about creating something out of love, as opposed to money.  You’ve often got your eye on the prize, but right now you are being called upon to do something just for the love of it, nothing else, just love. Set up a workplace for yourself if you haven’t already, then give yourself some space to get the creativity flowing.

Because sometimes you need to express your creative outlet to its fullest potential so that you can keep your life balanced, happy and most importantly, fun.


Nice week for embracing some long overdue change. You are experiencing a big personal transformation at this time, and in the process releasing things/habits/ that no longer serve you, so that you can make space for the new.

During this time, try not to stress, you don’t have to do everything yourself,  because even though you’ve got this, you have surrounded yourself with people who will help you to realise your long term goals. 

Keep an eye on your emotional integrity, and find a healthy fun outlet to help you to destress. Skate, run, dance, whatever, enjoy yourself. 


Exploration, creative opportunities, and possibility. This week is full of curious ideas that have as yet to be manifested. No need to jump on any one thing at this stage, because this week is best spent thinking about all of your options. You are transitioning into newness, and that takes time.

Be mindful of any negative self-talk as it will only hinder the process, and if you do find yourself second-guessing your ideas, don’t make a move until you are 100 per cent clear and ready. And remember, this week is all about having fun with it. Just fun. 


We all need a break, sometimes we all get so caught up in our routines, that we forget how to take a little rest. And Pisces, you need it. You’ve had a tough time lately, maybe some money worries, so cast that bullshit aside and say to hell with it, and take a little moment out to have some good old fashioned fun.

The kind that doesn’t necessarily require you to spend a  dime. So take 5, head outside if you can, and just day dream, watch the birds, smell the flowers, watch the people pass by, anything just to catch a bit of a break.  


Patience is a virtue, so while you are waiting make it fun, make it peaceful, in a way that doesn’t add any additional stress.

You have come a long way, and a new chapter is awaiting you, so during this timeframe, if you find that you are experiencing any fear that is connected to the past, things that you fear may repeat, do yourself a kindness, and thank the past for what it taught you, forgive it if you have to and let it go so that you can heal.

Give thanks for what is ending, so that you can welcome in the coming of the new with a fresh mind. 


There is a strong empathetic pull to things this week, others may be drawn to confide in you, and you’ll find that you are able to listen compassionately and maybe offer up some advice that will really help. Maybe encourage those around you to have a little fun with you.

Because sometimes you are so busy getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you forget how to have fun. Embrace your inner child, give yourself permission to leave your worries behind and play.  Just be mindful of any over indulgences, and remind yourself that moderation is key. 


Although you need to embrace a bit of logic and intellect to move forward, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun along the way. Everything is progressing steadily. So give yourself a moment to recentre, to help you to gain a new perspective on things.

Because you are now in the processes of creating a new set of blueprints for your future. And as some of these plans are already underway, now is a great time to consider other opportunities that could potentially add to your current plans to make things even better.

Emphasis on adding anything fun that brings the good feels in particular.