Happy’s Zen Horoscope (5th December – 12th December): Lighten your load

The half-moon phase in Pisces on the 10th is the perfect time to make some adjustments and to let go of any old issues from the past.

Lighten your load, and drop any extra unnecessary baggage you have been carrying around because you don’t need it. 

Let this energy carry you forward to the 11th when Mercury In Sagittarius Sextile Jupiter In Aquarius act like the true vanguards for the future that they are, actively focus on the positives in your life and place your intent into working on the ideas and plans that you are most passionate and excited about.


You’ll get a lot more done if you go with what is being presented. There is a lot on offer, new relationships and new projects. So instead of saying, ‘I don’t like that, or I prefer the other way’, know that you have a choice, and choose the path of least resistance.  Advice for the week, go with the flow.



Rebirth really only happens when you let go of the past. Take a memory/situation/ or bad feeling from the past that you have been holding onto, use your imagination to put it in a box, tie it up to a balloon, and let it go, let it fly away.  Free yourself of the past so that you can go on to create a new sense of self.


This is a good week to surround yourself with a bit of unconditional love. The kind that often only a family can provide.  Family is important to you, and sometimes you need to be around those that you know and trust, and that know and trust you in return, that will be there for you no matter what. Sometimes it’s just what you need. 


There is a clear choice this week when it comes to the emotional triggers that others can bring out in even the best of us. So lead the way with compassion and diplomacy. Choose to steer clear of drama, and choose to not react.  In other words, don’t feed into the bullshit. 


Things will always get better, you only need to draw upon the energy of the sun to know that this is true.  Any challenges that you have been through of late, have only made you stronger, more aware, and certainly less ignorant. These are all good things, now go and enjoy the sunshine, go eat an ice cream, whatever you do, just get out there and enjoy the simple things. 


If you have been feeling uninspired lately or a little bored, and maybe you feel like you need a change, then use this week to reconnect to what is really important to you. Realign your day to day with your higher purpose, and trust that all of the understandings that come to you in this time, will be actioned at later, when you are ready. 


Emotions are all good and natural, but it’s what you do with them that counts.  Now is not the time to behave in a way that only reflects the past,  like reacting to any triggering situations with anger.  Now is the time to consciously choose to act for the greater good. From a place of forgiveness, love and compassion. 


It’s nice to recognise that now is the only time that there is. When you really feel that, then have the opportunity to go about your business with the kind of intent and passion that makes things go. You have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and you are doing it, it seems that nothing can hold you back right now, so just keep at it. 


It’s important to acknowledge that all of your hard work has paid off, you are at a stable point in your life that is very likely to last.  You have accumulated the kind of abundance that you can now comfortably share with others. Life has been given to you to create, and to celebrate. And Leos sure know how to celebrate, so share your happiness with the people in your life. Let your happiness be their happiness. 


Lead with your heart and not your head. Especially if you find that others are coming to you for advice.  The people in your life trust you and know that and you can help them to make sense of anything that needs it. Navigate your way through any emotional negativity and guide with compassion. You’ll find that the bonds that you form with others at this time, may go on to last a lifetime. 


A transition is on its way and your challenge at this time will be in ensuring that your team is on the same page and working with any changes, constructively and positively. If you are confronted with any conflict or tension that is impacting your ability to move forward with your projects,  just break things down into steps, and take one step at a time, and most importantly don’t begin the next step until the one before it is finished.


Sometimes when there is too much noise, voices pulling you this way and that way, so much so that you can’t hear yourself think. Take it as a sign to go inwards and quieten things down so that you can hear yourself clearly. Because this is a time of significant personal growth, so go out of your way to tap into a bit of inner silence, so that you’re open to receiving the many blessings of the Universe that are coming your way.