Happy’s Zen Horoscope (1st August – 7th August): Do it good, do it hard

The Sun making its transit through Leo approx July 23rd to August 22nd is one of the more auspicious alignments, so make it count, and get the most out of this warm and playful timeframe. 

Love hard, and play even harder.  Turn your attention to creativity in all its forms. Whether it just be living creatively, writing, singing, dancing, painting, crafting, cooking, designing, or just lounging around the house in your most fab outfit, anything that allows your personality to shine and express itself to its fullest is a must.

With a bigger than usual emphasis on fun and self-expression, enjoy a stronger sense of self and re-energize by relaxing and enjoying life, and doing things that make you happy.


Turn it up Leos, and pursue your ideas. Channel all of that intense energy that you are feeling into something spectacular. 

Don’t give two fucks about what other people might be thinking,  you can’t please everyone, there will always be those that either feel uplifted by your presence and those that will feel threatened, but this doesn’t matter in the least, get along and do what you are going to do anyway.

Naughty by Nature, not cause I hate ya. Hip hop hooray, ho, hey, ho.


There is a lot of excitement and potential in the air so manifest away. Get set and go, start on that new hobby that you have been dying to learn. 

You know how to put your mind to the task, you know you can create whatever you want with focus,  intention, and action. Because that’s the Virgo way, hell, that Rubix cube didn’t solve itself when you were 10 did it? 


Everything that you touch turns to gold, you know how to identify opportunities and bring your visions to reality, because the genius in you doesn’t simply come up with ideas and sit around waiting for them to work out, no, you work hard, really hard.

So approach this timeframe with your tried and tested methods, you know what works best, so stick with it.


If dark thoughts are weighing you down ole Scorpio, it’s time to lighten the mood a little.  Remember that sometimes, any fear or anxiety that you may be feeling, is most likely often than not, NOT going to actualize.

Oftentimes it’s only in your head, and sometimes it’s important to reach out for help and talk things over with someone that you trust that can help you to make sense of any situation that may be emotionally messing with you. Four Tops baby, Reach out. 


No doubt the creative bug has bitten you on the ass. Try not to let thoughts of what-ifs, or how am I going to get this done, wah stress wah, get in the way this week.

For now, it’s all about enjoying the beginning process, that lovely rush of creativity that begets any new project, you know, that first spark. So roll your sleeves up, immerse yourself in the love of it, and create away. Leave the other stuff till later. 


Ready, set, go. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Live and breathe your best self. Less about just one thing.

And more about everything that you do, creating, eating, working, sharing, friending, romancing, everything. No preparation required, just let your best self shine through. That’s it.


The world is your oyster, or so the saying goes. So let’s go with that, and embrace everything that life has to offer. Especially if you’ve just wrapped something up, finished study, or completed a really big project.

Now is the time to honour your achievements, and give thanks for everything that has come to pass, so that when you finish partying and playing, you can get to thinking about the next big thing. 


Cause and effect. Whatever you have been up to, or are planning to do, it may be best to think about how your actions may affect others. Think about it, and think hard.  If you can live with the consequences, then, by all means, do it, but if you can’t, then dig a little deeper and maybe come up with something that you can. 

Because as you’ve come to learn over the years, not everything is as clear-cut as you’d like to think it is, and sometimes you really need time to think things through….again.


A time of reflection and self-evaluation. You are coming to a good place of understanding the universal themes that are running through your life at this time.

And you feel to know that you are being called towards something bigger. But there is little reluctance to heed the call. Aries, it’s time to get real, that call will never go away, so you may as well answer it. Push past your inner critic, your fears, and step to it. The Universe has your back.


There is a high level of energy to things Taurus. New places, new people, new experiences, this week has it all. And with it, a whole lot of fun. To really make the most out of the moment, you’ll need to welcome all of these new experiences with open arms and an open mind.

Just as you would if you were travelling to another country (actually, some of you are actually travelling to another State/Town/Territory). Word on the street,  this week is fun.


What’s holding you back from being the best version of yourself possible? 

Is there a bad habit that you want to shake, are you choosing the path of instant gratification, even though you know it’s only ever a short-term fix?

This week Gems, it’s time to rethink your habits and look for other ways of having fun. The kind of meaningful fun that really feeds your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being as a whole.  


Fun for you Cancer is putting your feet up, resting, eating, and sleeping, so go ahead and do what feels best. If you feel like doing something active, immerse yourself in some of your fav things.

Stick close to home (like I need to tell you that) go for a solo walk, write in your journal, or go somewhere where you can simply gaze at a body of water. Aahh… relaxing.