Happy’s Zen Horoscope Week (22nd August - 28th August) - Hello Virgo!

Happy’s Zen Horoscope Week (22nd August – 28th August) – Hello Virgo!

Hello Virgo! A new zodiac season hits us on the 22nd. One of the hardest-working signs, Virgos’ loyal, practical, and logical nature will ensure that everything gets done.

That means it’s time to get your lives in order, no exceptions. This season will see you managing your current projects, and also starting some new ones that will have long-lasting beneficial effects. Personally and professionally, check your daily routines, and adjust accordingly to maximise your efforts. Star signs that will be most affected by this new season, Geminis, and Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, already have a tendency to be stable, grounded, and practical. 

This season may bring about a sense of urgency so, do what you can to avoid any hypercritical behaviour of yourself and others if things aren’t progressing as quickly as you’d like. Just take a deep breath, and keep moving forward with well thought out measured steps to reach your goals.


This is a great week to improve things on the home front, in particular the space that you use to work/create from. Treat your space with a little make-over, all in the name  of helping you to reassess your goals and to provide you with the space to give your projects the time and energy they deserve.

Re-establish a sense of self with any changes that you feel drawn to make, and know that it’s okay to feel a little more introverted than usual. All the better to make your space the best that it can be.  Do remember to take a break somewhere in between, and acknowledge all of your hard work to date. You deserve it.


Librans, use your strengths this week, look to the bright side, and be your best resilient and persistent self. You know how to stand strong in the face of any adversity just by tapping into your unabashed sunny positive attitude. Adversity this week may come in the form of change and endings,  professionally /personally. Not all changes are welcomed, or even wanted, but it comes anyway and with it the opportunity for growth. The important thing to remember is that change always evolves into something new if you allow it to. So allow it. Go out of your way to make this timeframe easier on yourself. Find your personal cheerleaders, your supporters, and let them help you to get through this potentially challenging time.


Creative potential flows. Maybe an idea came from out of nowhere, maybe you’ve had it lingering around for a while.  However long you’ve had it, use this timeframe to follow the process of thinking it through to see where it could potentially lead. Because at this time it feels important to be open to the idea that anything is possible.

With this process, will come the recognition that up until now, it’s only been you that’s been holding you back. Nothing else. So fly free baby, and as potentially shaky as all of these new feels may make you feel, don’t let them stop you from pushing forward.


Space, give yourself some. Especially if you can’t get a feel for what lays ahead. There is nothing to be afraid of, this feeling is only temporary it will pass. So for now, you may as well enjoy the feeling. Just like the magical space in between the ingoing and outgoing breath, so too is this timeframe. So use it to get a feel for all of the possibilities that are out there for you, so that when you are ready, you can settle on the right one for you. You will know when you are ready, because you will feel clear.


You’ve already made all the right decisions, no doubt there is a part of you that is feeling a little afraid or worried about the consequences, and the what-ifs of it all. But you will be fine, more than fine, the universe has got your back.

Trust is essential. Because there is an incredible sense of exhilaration when you step into the unknown, even when it’s a bit scary. The important thing is to trust that something will open up just when it needs to. If there is a passion project that you are keen to turn into something, now is that time.


Control is at the forefront this week, and what that means to you on a personal level. 

You may find that there is a resistance to change. Because you have built a lifestyle that works well for you, and there is a part of you that may want to hold onto and protect that at all costs, fearful of what may happen if you change even the smallest thing. Afraid of what could happen if you let someone in, lest they mess up your equilibrium.

No need to jump in the deep end with anything or anyone, one slow step at a time is perfectly fine,  and playing it safe is actually recommended. The important thing is that you lessen your hold just a little, and keep it simple. Because sharing will always welcome expansiveness in a way that nothing else can.



Hit with a bit of insecurity, something shaken your confidence? You are not alone Pisces, each of us has to face challenges along the way so that we can grow. The only way to deal with them is to rise up and meet the challenges that we are presented with. You have more inner strength than you realise.

Check-in with your energy levels, and if you are feeling a little depleted, then take some time out to rest and recharge. And if you need reminding about just how okay you really are, look to the recent past, to any recent challenges you have overcome to remind yourself that you have what it takes. You got this. 


Catch a break Aries. You’ve been working very hard, and it’s important to put your feet up for a bit to rest and recharge your batteries. Use this time to reconnect with your friends that you haven’t had a chance to reconnect with for a while due to your busy life.

It needn’t be scheduled, forget scheduling, you do so much scheduling, you’ve almost forgotten how to be spontaneous. Connect with the people that you care about, and don’t worry about the consequences of having too much fun, because Aries, you need it.



You have a clear vision of what you want to create, and this is the week that invites you to follow it through. People will either feel uplifted or threatened by your energy, but remember Taurus, opinions of others matters very little, because nothing can stop you from moving forward with your goals this week, nothing.

Remember, you are not a  follower, you are an original individual, and staying present in the moment with the kind of drive that you have at this time, will ensure the completion of your projects. Burn baby burn.


You know that you have set yourself for success, the very proof is in the life you are living, your friends, your family, your finances, are all in a good place. But only because you’ve worked for it, really worked hard for it. So you know what it takes.

The level of self awareness that you gain from looking at your life, and really seeing what you have will propel you forward. You have a lot to personally feel good about. Know that any feelings of transition that come up in, are in place to further increase your sense of self-stability and security.


It is an intellectual week, a lot of thinking, and feeling like you are on a mission.  If you find amidst it all that you need to vent, don’t bend anyone else’s ears, this you can do alone,  so just shut yourself up in your bedroom with the door closed and give yourself permission to say out loud anything and everything that comes up, profanities and all.

Because you need to create some space for new thoughts, and at the moment your head may be too full of old thoughts that are no longer useful, and in turn taking up way too much space, so do yourself a kindness, and give yourself a good clearing. Thank me later.


Go it alone for little Leo, you need it, Go back to the source. Especially in those times where you just need some good ole quality alone time. Let’s face it, you probably need it, all Leos do at one time or another, find they need to get away from the madding crowd, and just be alone.

Leos benefits from a little alone time to rest, and recenter, especially for those that may have been overindulging in this festive Leo season.