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New Zealand’s Harry Parsons has delivered a cracking new addition to your summer playlist

Harry Parsons nails sweet lyrical pop in his new single On My Mind. It’s lighthearted, yet filled with an adolescent naivety which only makes you love it more.

Parsons is a British born New Zealander with a huge background in soul, jazz and blues, a musical upbringing which has found itself creeping into every facet of his sound. This is is a track bursting with youthful sadness, a relationship breakdown and the yearning and confusion which always seems to follow.

Harry Parsons

Harry Parsons delivers soulful and sentimental pop in On My Mind, delving into stories of love, loss and lonely memories that any audience can relate to.

The track features simple guitar and a light poppy beat, but with a blues undertone that just calls out John Mayer over and over, particularly the lyrical nod to Free Fallin’.

Any fans of a cruisey blues pop ballad and of Mayer in any way shape or form, you will be definitely be on board with Harry Parsons.

On My Mind has a really great progression, and in no way is each verse the same. With a little injection of female vocals here and there or a change in tempo, Parsons stretches and bends the parameters of the track beyond where you expect it to go.

His vocals are youthful and filled with anticipation and emotion, his fresh outlook and adolescent viewpoint making the song all the more endearing and accessible.

Having already signed a publishing deal with label Songbroker in New Zealand, I can see that this is an artist who knows his way around a good pop song, I see his music sitting in the same places as newcomer Dean LewisOn My Mind is simple, catchy and hits all the right places for a great addition to a summer playlist.


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November 27, 2017