Harts returns with self-assured guitar anthem Ain’t Nothin’ On Me

Darren Hart is the funk-fuelled, multi-faceted musician, songwriter, guitarist, producer and performer known only too well as Harts. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz and most notably Prince, it is Harts’ signature blend of funk, soul, pop and psych rock that that captivates and enthrals listeners.

In what is the first new release since 2016’s Smoke Fire Hope Desire, Harts is back with the sassy new single Ain’t Nothin’ On Me, a self-described song about “self confidence and self-belief in your own worth, skills and ambitions.”  In other words, an ode to self.

harts ain't nothin' on me Harts returns with the self-righteous Ain't Nothin' On Me

Harts retains his seat upon Australia’s guitar-rock throne with Ain’t Nothing On Me, a righteous ballad for creative self-belief.

Harts locks into the groove and that’s where he stays for the duration of Ain’t Nothin’ On Me, delivering punchy vocals and a funky riff that will leave you humming along to this one for days; if not for its catchy rhythm then for its repetition.

The highlight of the song occurs towards its end when the listener is gifted with an attention-demanding guitar solo, adding a tid-bit of variation and making it clear where the Hendrix analogies stem from.

“In a world constantly putting you down, Ain’t Nothin’ On Me is a song to build you up”, says Hart of the track.

“The line ‘They could never do it like you’ is something Prince told me as words of encouragement when I thought I wasn’t good enough to be in the game with some of today’s current top artists. The song is raw, much inspired by a ‘go for it, don’t let others bring you down’ mentality.”

Harts will be bringing his audacious and electric stage presence to Byron Bay’s annual Bluesfest, where the audience is sure to be treated with a flamboyant performance of both old and new material including Ain’t Nothin’ On Me.


Catch Harts live:

Friday March 30 and Saturday March 31 – Bluesfest – Byron Bay, NSW
Saturday June 9 – Sea ’n’ Sound Festival – Sunshine Coast, QLD